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Bass Buds: In-Ear Headphones and Mic at $30 Off with Coupon Code: BB59800

Bass Buds Crystaltronics earbuds, set with genuine Swarovski crystals

Bass Buds Crystaltronics earbuds, set with genuine Swarovski crystals

Bass Buds have been around for awhile. They are premium ear buds that fit all smart phones, laptops, tablets, MP3 players and more.

The newest 2012 Collection Bass Buds bring earbud luxury to a new level. Not only is the sound great, with built in control and a tiny, unobtrusive microphone. Bass Buds are now bling!

Mine are white, and the cords look like sterling silver snake chain. Really, truly gorgeous!

But there are 20 color combinations to choose from. The buds themselves are set with clear Swarovski crystals. I guess they represent the crystal clear sound.

Bass Buds Crystaltronics in red

Bass Buds Crystaltronics in red

One of my quibbles with most earbuds is that they never fit quite right. With Bass Buds, no problemo!

Every Bass Buds Crystaltronics set comes with three different kinds of ear pieces: matching memory foam, white silicone, and black rubbery stuff—and each of those sets comes in three sizes. So you can mix and match for the perfect fit.

Bass Buds Package

Bass Buds Package

So your buds can fit exactly the way you want them to. And there’s a velvet drawstring bag to carry and store them in.

Beware, though, there is also a tiny, glamorous catalog showing all the different colors. You will find yourself lusting after a whole bunch of the colors, I’m sure, as I did.

So at this time of year it would be remiss of me not to point out what great gifts these make. And they come in a very cool gift box like the bling they are.

All the colors are beautiful and stylish, so you can’t go wrong. Whoever gets them will love you!

Save $30 on each pair you buy from now till December 25 with this discount code: BB59800 at http://www.BassBuds.net/ 

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