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Saving Your LIfe and Business—Stored Electronically as Data

Let’s face it, your electronic data have become an important part of your life. And you probably hardly give that a thought. Until you lose your iPhone, or drop it in a rain puddle, or any of 1000 other mishaps that can occur to a tiny device that stores all your business contacts, addresses, photos, phone numbers, passwords, and more.

Sure you may have backups on your hard drive at home or at the office…Or do you? Hard drives fail. Computers get damaged, too. And if your main computer is a laptop, well, oops!

A brilliant marketer I know lost her laptop last week. Her whole business was stored on it. She was in a secured meeting room with people she thought she knew.

After the meeting, she had stepped away from her purse and laptop for a few minutes to help someone—right there in the same room—and when she turned around, her laptop and cash were gone. They could have taken her iPhone, too, but they didn’t. Lucky her.

Still, she lost thousands of dollars worth of business deals. Gone forever.

You see, her cloud storage solution failed her. The automated backup had not been working in months, and no one notified her. So, no backups. At all. For her whole business.

That could be your business or mine. Anytime.

So what do you do? Cloud storage is OK, as long as it is truly secure, as long as the vendor is really trustworthy, as long as…well, you get the idea. How do you really know you can trust your data storage provider to safeguard your precious data?

The best plan is to turn to a leading expert in data storage systems, a serious business and industry provider with a wide array of well-supported options. Then you can trust your business and personal data to professionals and feel secure about it.

Even if your hard drive fails, if a hurricane levels your house, if your laptop is stolen, or your iPhone is lost, or (Heaven forbid!) all four, you can quickly restore your files to a replacement and be back up and running.

For disk backup, raid storage, disk arrays, diversified data storage systems or any kind of optimal data storage solution, check with Nexsan. They know the score.

Isn’t your business worth protecting? Of course, it is. It’s your life.

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