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Classic iPad games

As a new iPad user, you possibly will download some free iPad magazines and free iPad movies you want on your iPad first, but when it’s come to games, you probably would ask for people’s opinion about which ipad games you should get, right? Don’t bother yourself much, just look for some classic and popular games. Normally, they won’t let you down. ;)

1. Treasure Island HD

The story took place on a morning 4 years after the famous story “Treasure Island” by Robert Louis Stevenson’s. The hero Jim found a parrot parked on the windows- the pirate captain’s bird bringing important messages that the captain buried a lot of treasures on the island, if Jim want to get it he should act as soon as possible because the his rival has set out to find the treasure.

2. Doodle Jump for iPad

The compatible platforms for this game are iPad iOS 3.2 and above and it’s been downloaded for more than 5 million times. iPhone users could probably have installed the game app and now it’s available for iPad. This is a fun game full of creativity. The visual style is like children’s graffiti works, we need to jump up in the air constantly to avoid strikes and also prevent mistakes of falling down. Sounds simple but kind of challenging.

3. Hyperlight

A gravity sensing game, similar to the glare dodge flying shooter game. We control the ultra-space to meet the enemy spacecraft by controlling the tilting device. In total, we have two modes (arcade mode and endless mode) and eight kinds of props to equip the attack during 40 points.

4. The Bard’s Tale

“New Bard Legend” is a role-playing game with subversion, ridiculing the roles by playing different roles in gaming. In this game, players will fight with wolves, wild boar, evil druids, various undead and some elemental creatures to challenge in towns with beautiful sceneries and unique interests.
In the main task of the journey, whenever you reach a town, you can receive some quests for challenges and enjoy the humorous conversation sometimes.

5. Airport Mania 2

The screen of this game is very cute. You command cute aircrafts and run the airport. You can play all kinds of small games and gain countless medals while you are enjoying your work. Octopus bigger than hills and eagles flying around all could bring troubles for you. Therefore, be prepared to develop the village airport to universal air base.

6. Epic War TD Pro ipad

Unlike traditional science-fiction tower defense games, Epic War TD Pro ipad v1.3.9 is with unique enemies and beautiful arts which I am sure you will love. In addition to 60 turns of enemies across 4 levels, you can have 3 more bonus missions. The new grade will be added in future updates.

7. Treasure Seekers 3 HD

“Explorer” by Artogon Studio series of adventure puzzle game released a new chapter “Treasure Seekers 3: Follow the Ghosts”. In this chapter, two little hero Nelly and Tom have grown up, and they bring more interesting puzzles. You need to help them release the misfortune ghosts trapped by evil alchemist.

8. Mirror’s Edge™ for iPad

This is a first-person Parkour action game, players can flexiblly use various of Parkour skills like climb, hit, swing, roll, etc according to the terrain and enemies to escape the enemy’s pursuit, the faster speed the better.

Of course there are more popular and classic free iPad apps for games you shouldn’t miss. If you know them, feel free to comment, I will appreciate it. Thanks for reading my post!

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As a new iPad user, your may don’t know what iPad games are fun to play. Don’t bother yourself much, why not download some classic iPad games on it? Classic stuff won’t let you down. ;)
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