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3 Pack of Premium Crystal Clear Screen Protectors for Apple iPad

3 Pack of Premium Crystal Clear Screen Protectors for Apple iPad

Product Features

  • Custom designed to fit your Apple iPad.
  • Quickly and easily adhere directly to your iPad’s screen.
  • Non-adhesive backing, will not leave sticky residue.
  • Shield and protect your screen from unwanted scratches and blemishes.
  • Clear, ultra thin, durable and dust repelling premium screen protector.

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  1. D. Michael Elkins "D. Michael Elkins" says:

    Now I know why there are three in the pack As an iTouch owner, I had used a clear screen protector with generally good results, although there were a very few bubbles that weren’t really a distraction once the device was in use.I had pre-ordered an iPad on the first day that they became available to order and knew that with the much larger screen, I would definitely need a screen protector.My iPad arrived today (April 3rd) and I immediately attempted to install one of the three “Premium Crystal Clear Screen Protectors” as son as I removed the iPad from its box.The method of installation was basically the same as for the iTouch screen protector that I had previously used. First you peel off one side of the backing with a tab. You then place the screen onto the iPad screen, trying to do so without leaving a lot of bubbles. I tried as best I could to align the screen hole over the iPad button and then slowly applied the rest of the screen moving from bottom to top. Unfortunately after applying the screen and then removing the outside of the clear screen with the other tab, I was left with a LOT of bubbles.Hoping to do better I repeated the process using the second of the supplied screens. My efforts the second time were a bit better in terms of a smaller amount of bubbles, but then I noticed a piece of yellow lint that had been left by the supplied yellow cleaning cloth that I had used to wipe the iPad screen. When I tried to remove the lint with the cloth and replaced the clear screen back onto the iPad screen, there was a noticeable smudge.I was now down to the last of the three supplied screens and repeated the process again except this time I discovered that when applying the clear screen to the iPad screen DIAGONALLY starting from the bottom and moving toward the top, you can do so leaving almost no bubbles at all. You will also need to be make certain that the sides of the clear screen and the iPad screen are aligned exactly or you will be left with a long bubble down most of one side.After going through all of this trial and error, I was finally able to have a clear screen in acceptable condition with only a few bubbles. I only hope that readers of this review will learn from my own initial difficulties and not have to use all three of the supplied screens before arriving at a satisfactory result.

  2. M. Hemphill "miguel" says:

    There are 3 pieces and you just don’t see it. This product works great once you figure out how it works.At first glance it looks like 2 pieces stuck together that you have to pull apart.It then appears that you should apply the thin one to your iPad. wrong.The thicker side still has an invisible piece stuck to it.You apply the thicker piece smoothly over your ipad and then squeeze out the few bubbles you see.rub the whole face now to get the invisible layer to stick.You then Peel Off the thick piece and you will see that another layer is present on your iPad.This would have been nice to include as instructions but no instructions came with the product.I would say that is pretty rude considering you cannot even see the piece that will be used.So I bought the pack of 3 and got my last one to work. I figured it out on #2, #3 was perfect.

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