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3D Printed Blood Rivulets iPhone 5 Case, Black

Great looking case that will show off a bit of a dark side with its blood rivulet pattern while providing the phone with some protection. This product is provided to you by 3DLT. When you buy a product from us you are not buying one of thousands, you are buying a unique product that has been specifically produced just for you. All of our products are crafted with groundbreaking 3D printing technology. The age of 3D printing is just beginning and you can experience it first hand! Products are printed in a special type of hard plastic (SLS Nylon Polyamide). It’s not the type of plastic that you are likely accustomed to. It’s a special type of plastic that is hard and has a matte finish. When you buy a product from 3DLT you are also supporting the designers that have worked hard to bring you quality 3D printable products!

Product Features

  • Height: 4.97 IN, Length: 2.4 IN, Depth: IN, Width: 0.39 IN (Volume: 0.58725 IN^3)
  • The design of this Blood Rivulets case is dark and beautiful at the same time.
  • Very unique case that is perfect for all of the vampire fans.
  • This case will offer some protection, but is not a completely protective cover.This case’s texture provides great grip for holding your phone.
  • Allows full access to all controls and ports.

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