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(5 PACK) USB Sync/Charging Cable (3 ft) for Apple iPhones & iPods

Data Cable has 2 in 1 functionality,will connect your ipod/iphone to your computer charge it and let you sync data.

Guaranteed to work on All Iphones and ipods any firmware our chargers will give you no problems,the only exception being the ipad and the ipod shuffle.

You will receive the 5 USB cables.

Package Includes:

5 USB cables

Product Features

  • Length: 3 ft = 1 m
  • Includes: 5 USB cables.

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  1. acd says:

    Surprised, in a good way Due to multiple broken cords at our house, I ordered this 5-pack on January 22. I didn’t notice until after I’d placed the order that the estimated delivery date was Feb. 15-March 6, or 4-6 weeks. We received the package about 2.5 weeks after ordering, and there were not five cords–there were SIX, along with a note from the seller saying s/he had tried each of the cords and was including an extra just in case. We haven’t tried all six yet, but the ones we’ve used have worked just fine.

  2. Richard W. Moczygemba says:

    Great for the price I didn’t expect much for the price, but the cables work just as well as any of the official Apple products and other brand name products I’ve seen. I just needed more charger/data cables for my iPhone 4, and they work great.

  3. Stockguy says:

    iPhone charger. I use these for my phone and I gave a few friends the rest of them. They are exactly the same as Apples data cords.

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