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AmazonBasics 3.2 feet 1.0 Meter USB Charging/Sync Cable for Apple iPod, iPhone, and iPad

USB Charging/Sync Cable for Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad (3.2ft/1M)

Product Features

  • Apple 30-pin connector to USB Type A cable
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

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  1. M. Wood says:

    Very good replacement for iPhone / iPod After having multiple standard iPhone / iPod cables crack near the strain relief on the end with the dock connector, I figured it was time to look for a non Apple branded replacement. Having had good luck with Amazon Basics cables before, I figured their iPhone replacement cable a try. This cable seems to be a good balance between construction quality and price.I was pleased to notice that the strain relief on both ends of this cable look a bit more robust than the Apple version. Since I’ve had multiple cables crack here, this is a definite positive in my opinion. The cable itself is smooth and black, which hopefully will repel dirt better than the Apple white version with it’s slightly matte finish. Another observation is that the dock connector is slightly thicker than the standard cable. Not by much, and my wife’s iPhone 4 in the full OtterBox case still works fine, so it’s not really an issue.I’m currently using this cable for the following Apple Products, with no issues: – iPhone 3Gs (Work Phone) – iPhone 4s (Personal Phone) – iPhone 4 (Wife’s phone) – iPod Nano 5th Generation – iPod Nano 6th GenerationAll devices charge and sync properly just like when using the standard Apple cable.Overall, a great replacement cable!

  2. Mainiac says:

    works great, and cheaper than apple, but clunky We seem to lose these cables in our house, but I can’t bear to pay Apple’s price for the official cables for replacements. I’m delighted that Amazon is making and selling these!Pros:1. Works great, as AmazonBasics always have for me.2. Frustration-free packaging is always a win.3. I prefer the black to Apple’s white cables.Cons:1. It’s not as sleek as the official Apple versions, and thus, I don’t like it as much. The price entirely compensates for this.2. As noted by Amazon User in the comments, the end that plugs into the phone is maybe 2mm longer and 6-8mm wider than the standard Apple cable. This means that it won’t work with some cases.In summary, it’s really great to have this available. Thank you, Amazon!

  3. William S. Grigsby "Ycat" says:

    Excellent cable There isn’t a great deal you can say about a cable, but this one is very nice.It’s better looking than the Apple white ones, nice glossy black with Amazon logo and the connectors just feel better. It may be that individual cables differ, but this one makes a more solid, stable connection than the Apple supplied one too. The cable itself seems sturdier (though not quite as flexible).I’d buy one of these in preference to the (Apple) high priced brand even if they weren’t lower priced.

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