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Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB (Black)

With 3.5-inch display screen, Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g, 3 MP camera, 600 MHz ARM Cortex A8 processor, 256 MB RAM

Compatible Model(s): iPhone 3GS 16GB (MB715LL/A, iPhone2,1, A1303) Black – Mid 2009
iPhone 3GS 16GB (MB716LL/A, iPhone2,1, A1303) White – Mid 2009
iPhone 3GS 32GB (MB717LL/A, iPhone2,1, A1303) Black – Mid 2009
iPhone 3GS 32GB (MB718LL/A, iPhone2,1, A1303) White – Mid 2009
iPhone 3GS 8GB (A1303) Black – Mid 2010

Product Features

  • Size 16 GB
  • iPhone 3GS

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  1. dj says:

    Not unlocked! The iPhone was fine. It works and is in good condition but one major thing was wrong with this product!!It was categorized under ‘unlocked phones’ but when I received it, it was clear that it was LOCKED! I had so much trouble with this phone and to sell a product that is different from the description on such a crucial feature is very very WRONG!

  2. Anandh "Krish" says:

    Like new from Amazon Warehouse deal This review is not for the product as you may find it everywhere in the www world. This is for the quality of the product that I received from the seller – Amazon Warehouse deals. I bought it used – like new condition. Luckily it came with a version of firmware that is easily unlockable (as I needed a phone to use it overseas). The quality was very good, battery holds well, screen was pristine and there were very minor scuffs and scratches on the back (which should be expected on a used piece). The sockets and ports were well cleaned up and came with NEW headphone, power adaptor and cable !! Highly recommend Amazon warehouse seller for this product.

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