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Apple iPhone 3GS 8GB Black Factory Unlocked / Not Jailbroken

iPhone 3GS 8GB from Apple. Factory Unlocked and upgrade-able to newest software through i-Tunes, ready to be used on any GSM carrier worldwide. You will receive an unlocked iphone 3gs 8GB Black in color.

Product Features

  • 8GB of internal storage
  • 3.5in widescreen Multi-Touch Display
  • 3MP Camera
  • 802.11b/g Wi-Fi
  • Can be upgraded, factory unlocked for any GSM carrier

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  1. *** "a reader" says:

    Hung out to dry–rapid depreciation Apple has a very profitable business model. They create quickly evolving planned-obsolescence-based products on a locked proprietary technology. Case in point, iphone 3GS released in 2008, now many years old and still being shipped as a “new” product at amazon five years later. If all you want to do is make phone calls, ok. But most people pay the hundreds of extra dollars for the icing on the cake, all those fancy apps available only at the Apple store and installable only with the free itunes program.Well, I just happen to have one of them and it is next to useless compared to a current model device because three-quarters of the apps for it give an error message saying that the app is incompatible with my IOS. How did this happen? When new models come out they have a new IOS and developers write code for the new IOS, not the old one when they fix bugs and plan a new release. Well, so what, I already have the app I want and it works fine, right?Way too often the answer is Wrong, How does this happen? Your computer has to be “authorized” and if anything happens to the authorized computer in the meantime, like you get a new one or whatever, you can’t make changes to the iphone anymore unless you authorize the new one thereby wiping the iphone clean of its working apps. So you bite the bullet and download a fresh copy of your growing list of favorite apps. Getting the idea–most of them are not the same any more, they are newer, “improved” versions that don’t work on your IOS anymore. That wouldn’t be so bad if Apple was willing to supply archive copies of the versions you need, but they don’t. Even if your IOS is “up-to-date” because the definition of up-to-date depends on your model and you have a five-year-old legacy model now even if you bought it yesterday.How do I know, I just went through this scenario and of the apps I downloaded and expected to work, over fifty of them were not backwards compatible.I am not talking about games or “fun” apps, I am talking hard core business essential apps, anything from Google, Adobe, Microsoft, IBM, etc that I tried failed, not even access to PayPal. Can you live without Skype, Line2, PayPal, iBooks, Kindle, Nook, Adobe Reader, Audiobooks, Evernote, SameTime, RedLaser, the White Pages, ebay, amazon, wikipanion, Merriam Websters, OneNote, Yelp, Urbanspoon, VPN, LogMeIn, Google Chrome, Earth, Maps, Search, and GoogleVoice; DropBox, Palringo, fring, imDB, OpusDomini, Apzilla or MyEyesOnly, in short, almost any blue-chip five-star app worth having. Don’t buy a “new” iphone 3GS if you need any of these, because none of them will work with the most current IOS for that model.Apple’s business model may be good for Apple, but is planned obsolescence best for you?Unless you are in the unique position of being an Apple developer with insider knowledge and special tools, you will inevitably notice an obsolescence creep with handheld Touch gizmos from Apple unless they undergo a drastic change of policy. What you buy today will become crippled tomorrow at a rate you will probably not appreciate.

  2. kuikrakui says:

    desappointed I was surprised to notice that I still need to have the phone restored before using it. I paid 70 $ to have it restored or ”unlocked” ( according to the specialist words). The battery is not good, I need to charge twice a day even though I have not used it. I would not recommend anybody to buy it.

  3. Charlie says:

    Very bad, don’t buy in here I bought this iphone as “new” and when i received it i realized it was furbished and it did not work. I ask someone to help in this case.

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