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Apple iPhone 3GS Black 8GB AT&T Locked

The Apple iphone 3GS 8GB – is the second generation Apple device designed to work anywhere in the world. Just pop in your sim card and go. This phone uses fast 3G technology and provides lightening data speeds.

Product Features

  • Apple iPhone
  • Touch Screen
  • IOS 5

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  1. sjacree37 says:

    excellent Got my phone and it works great. Only took 1 day to get here. Would def buy from them again.

  2. Lori says:

    Good Price, Not Necessarily New This phone arrived in an open box, scotch taped together. Missing the manual, sim tool opener and headphones. Contacted Amazon, and the gave me a partial credit. I was happy with that. I called AT&T and got the phone unlocked with no problems. I prefer to use a pay as you go service with AT&T as it is approx half the price of a contract. Though they will tell you that prepaid does not work with iphones. All you have to do is when you activate your sim online, where it asks for the IMEI number, just put all zero’s. Worked like a charm…just a tidbit for those of you wondering if you can use an iphone as prepaid. You can, they just don’t want you to. And this phone is perfect for just that. Now I can use it in the U.S. and internationally. Can’t ask for more!

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