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Apple iPhone 4 8GB (Black) – Verizon


Product Features

  • iPhone 4
  • Size 8 GB

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  1. Todd7 says:

    So much to make life easier This 8 gb iPhone is absolutely magnificent in its design and seemingly infinite features. The phone is durable, but I still recommend getting a protective covering for a modest sum of money to protect your investment. This iPhone has everything one needs to navigate through their daily lives at a time of fast-paced living. It’s surreal that something so small can do so much. The best part is the extremely user-friendly interface that makes owning one of these phones a very attractive endeavor instead of a nightmare. The jury is still out as to whether 8 gb is enough for me, but it seems to be as of the moment. I recommend the iPhone 4 for all of your daily activities all in the palm of your hand.

  2. Austin says:

    Very nice phone This is my first Apple product I have ever personally owned. I come from a family that has at least 2 Apple products in their possession but I always steered away from them.They seem too common and very popular, I always wanted to stick out with something different but I ended up with this phone. And the reason why is because it was free, why not?After I received it, I opened it up and the device is beautifully crafted. I was impressed but not extremely wowed because I’m already familiar with them and the layout.Like all Apple products the iOS is very fluid and easy to learn and master in seconds. It’s very nice but it’s outdated. I believe it’s nice to keep a good layout but I believe the same OS does get old since it follows the exact same initiative the first generation iPod touch had. But again it works, it’s reliable, and easy to use.People seem to shoot for huge phones that are light in the hand and has the biggest screen.Not in my case. I love the iPhone’s screen size. Bigger is not always the best. In fact I love this screen over other competing phones. The Samsung Galaxy SIII has a huge screen but why? I understand its easier to play games but its not convenient the iPhones screen is big enough to display a lot but be portable as well.I have more coverage with the iPhones screen. I can touch anywhere on the screen with my thumb without any discomfort. I can use the phone completely with one hand and one thumb. The galaxy’s screen is too big and you have to hold in two hands for the most comfortable coverage. And if i wanna watch movies I’d get my laptop or vita to watch videos. I don’t like watching full movies on cell phones anyways. It’s a waste of battery when you can watch it on a full size tv. Bigger screen can be an inconvenience and is really just for bragging rights.The iPhone 4 has some weight. But I like a heavier phone it feels like a nicely crafted unit. Not light plastic but not cheap glass either. It is the perfect weight although the glass finish makes it slippery in the hand. Nothing a good case can’t fix. And with such an investment go ahead and protect it. With either an otterbox defender or a griffin survivor some of my favorites.The battery life is decent depending on what you use it for. Text and calling only it lasts a day. Or if you’re like me and play games, watch YouTube videos with your friends, and text frequently it dies within a day. So it decent.Overall I’d give this phone a 5/5

  3. Vicky Petty says:

    Apple iPhone 4 8GB This product was reported lost or stolen and Jessica did not state this in her description. So therefore I contacted you guys to let you know what Verizon told me and as of this date I still Have not heard from you. This phone cost me $190.00 and I can not use it because of the above reason. I do not understand how a company can legally sell a product that is stolen………

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