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Apple iPod shuffle 2GB Pink (5th Generation) NEWEST MODEL

The Apple MD773LL/A 2GB iPod Shuffle (Pink) provides you with high-quality music in a compact and lightweight design. The shuffle has 2GB of reliable flash memory housed in a minuscule and colorful aluminum body. The strong integrated clip attaches to your clothes so that it stays with you at all times, even during long runs. The large circular control panel makes it easy to play/pause, skip tracks and adjust volume by feel. A convenient sliding switch lets you choose between playing playlists and Genius Mixes in order or in shuffle mode. A dedicated VoiceOver button lets you hear the current song title, playlist name, or battery status in one of 25 available languages with a single touch. The 3.5mm jack lets you connect the included stereo earbuds, as well as the specialized USB charging cable. The built-in lithium-ion battery provides up to 15 hours of audio playback and charges in approximately 3 hours.

Product Features

  • Lightweight and Durable: The compact iPod shuffle has a lightweight and durable aluminum housing with a vibrant anodized finish
  • Flash Memory: The shuffle has 2GB of reliable flash memory that holds hundreds of songs, plus playlists, Genius Mixes, podcasts and audio books
  • Integrated Clip: The strong integrated clip attaches to your clothes or bag so that it stays with you at all times, even during long runs
  • Large Control Pad: The large circular control panel is 18% larger than on previous shuffle models, making it easier than ever to play/pause, skip tracks and adjust volume by feel
  • Sliding Mode Switch: A convenient sliding switch lets you choose between playing playlists and Genius Mixes in order or in shuffle mode

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  1. William E. Liberatore says:

    Yet another impressive apple product. I bought the ipod shuffle because the ipod touch just seemed a little too big and a little too involved to take with me while running. It shames me to even say that… years ago I ran with a walkman cassette player that probably weighed 4 lbs and was about 50x as big… Anyway, for my purposes, the shuffle is perfect. It is tiny, light weight, and has a clip that will actually hold it onto your clothing pretty much anywhere you want to clip it. The controls are intuitive and not nearly as involved as the ipod touch. Mind you, I’m not putting down the ipod touch at all, it’s just that while running I don’t want to have to press a button, swipe the bottom and then hope I was holding it upright so that I can change a song or adjust the volume. The shuffle solves all those issues for me. I might have liked just a little more memory…. but honestly 2 gigs is still a ton of music. New to this “latest generation” are some new colors (though I personally don’t really care much about the fashion aspect of a 1 inch square device) and the voice over button… “Siri” is now in the shuffle. Press the button and a voice tells you the name of the song and the group. A little bit of overkill in my opinion, but still pretty impressive. If you buy one I hope it works out as well for you and thanks for taking the time to read my review.

  2. Jayhan says:

    New colors for 2012 release All that I can find with the new release is the updated colors, the rest looks the same. This is still 4th generation Apple iPod Shuffle (from wikipedia, this new color refresh is still under 4th generation category).This product is small, actually very small. I know you can use your iPhones or Androids and even get more storage space than this, but shuffle has a different target of users, mostly for active and on the go users. This is perfect for exercising, running, walking, etc. Just clip it to your shirt and your ready to go.If your the type of user who wants to put all your mp3s to your mp3 player, then you might want to find a different player thas has larger capacity , as this one has only 2gb of space. You should still be able to put hundreds of songs here especially if your songs bitrate compression is not very high.Some of the basic functionalities:Shuffle switchLeft – shuffle musicMiddle – play in orderRight – turn offVoiceOver buttonSingle click – hear current track and artistSingle click and hold – hear playlist menu.Double click – hear battery statusPROS:- Tiny (this can also be a con, in a way like since it’s tiny, it’s also easy to lose or misplace)- 15hr play time- Colors refreshed for the 2012 release model- Physical buttons- High quality anodized aluminumCONS:- Expensive (In my opinion, $49 for 2gb is expensive)- No option for a higher storage capacityWhat you get in the box:- iPod shuffle- Apple Earphones- iPod shuffle USB Cable- Quick Start guideI’m highly recommending iPod shuffle. But do your research first if you want this kind of mp3 player..

  3. lolo says:

    Great Litte Device I listen to music a lot through out the day (in my car, work, school, gym) and didn’t like using my phone for music because it killed my battery. I also didn’t want to spend too much for something for music (seeing that my phone could do this.), so I purchased this.I have to admit, I was extremely pleased with this.Positive.-Battery seems better than previous models of shuffles Ive owned before (Just my opinion, nothing really to back this up). I use it constantly, and have never had any problem with the battery life.-Size is GREAT. I purchased the Product RED edition through the Apple Store (color is beautiful). Keep in mind, this little guy is TINY. So I would recommend you buy a bright colored one to help locate it. The clip is also firm and will not easily get loose.-Works great running through an auxiliary input in my car.-Memory seems acceptable. 2 gigs isn’t much, but not too stingy.-Built seems sturdy. Ive dropped this an embarrassing amount of times and have had absolutely nothing happen to it.-I must say, I am not too sure whether this model is different from the previous one. I know they added some colors to the selection, but as far as the device itself, I am not too sure whether something changed. With this said, this did not come with the new EarPods all new iPods come with but did included the regular Apple headphones and charging cable. While I was a bit disappointed, it was not a major issue.*- My personal favorite: Again, I apologize for my lack of knowledge on this device (as well as previous models too), but I am not sure if the past shuffles had the ability to support podcast. I listen to my list of podcast weekly, and was extremely happy to see support for this. Its amazing, I’m able to change playlists, switch to podcast, find out the amount of battery remaining, and listen to the name of the song, artist and album I am listening to, all with a single little button.Negative.-The one complaint I have is the size of the charging cable. I have had this problem with previous models. The cable is maybe 2 inches long. This hasn’t been much of a problem because I charge it into my keyboard Usb port. However, I can see how this might be a problem for some people.Over all, I was extremely pleased with this. If you need something cheap,small, and lightweight that you don’t have to be as careful with as compared to your phone, this is definitely for you.If you want something with a screen, to hold a lot of songs, and maybe a bit bigger, this is NOT for you.For my needs, this was perfect.

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