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Book 2: Flying With Objective-C – iOS App Development for Non-Programmers: The Series on How to Create iPhone & iPad Apps

“Most of the books I scanned, even the “Dummies” series, assumed a basic knowledge of computer programming even for iOS beginners. What I like about Kevin’s writing is that he doesn’t make any assumptions – he just takes you there – step by step.”Lorraine Akemann – Moms With Apps

Unleash Your Inner App Developer!

This second book in the series from Kevin McNeish, winner of the 2012 Publishing Innovation Award, highly acclaimed iOS trainer and conference speaker, and award-winning App Developer, is specifically designed to teach non-programmers Objective-C; the language used to create Apps for the iPhone and iPad. Many books designed for the beginning Apple developer assume way too much. In contrast, this book series assumes you know nothing about programming.

Book 2: Flying with Objective-C builds on what you learned in Book 1: Diving In. In the first two chapters, the author helps you understand basic concepts, such as “what is a class?” and “what is an object?” You then learn how to pass messages to objects, and then create your own custom classes.

As you go through the book, concepts become more advanced until you reach the final chapters on Advanced-Objective-C and Advanced Messaging. Each concept is accompanied by step-by-step instructions to build an App that shows the real-world use of Objective-C programming features. This is a tremendous aid in helping non-programmers grasp even more advanced concepts. The information in this book is applicable to the latest iOS technologies including the new iPhone 5 and iOS 6.

Includes Step-by-Step Instructional Videos!

Each exercise in this book has a corresponding movie that demonstrates how to perform the exercise. After trying to solve the exercise on your own, just tap the movie to watch the exercise solved for you in high quality video and narrative!

Not a “Dumbed Down” Series!

Ultimately, readers will learn everything that is taught in the regular written-for-programmer books. This series simply provides more background information and more thorough explanations for those who haven’t had formal education or a career in software development.

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  1. Phil says:

    Definitely buy this book! I have tried to make my way through other Objective-C books, but this is the first book that actually assumes you know NOTHING about writing code. All the code samples work great and the explanations were very clear.I was a little gun shy based on my previous experiences but after going through this book, I’m amazed what I was able to learn when some the concepts were broken down into language I could understand! I definitely need to re-read some of the more advanced chapters, but I’ve got the basics under my belt!What I liked:- The information on Object Lifetime and Memory Management REALLY helped me understand what’s happening in memory. This chapter in the book has you work through exercises to fully understand how the new ARC memory management works.- Well written. It’s great to have basic concepts like variables, constants, classes, and objects explained in a way that I can actually understand them.- Videos! What a great teaching tool to have videos showing the solutions to the exercises in the book.What could be improved:- There are places where the book explains how Objective-C and the Xcode editor used to work in previous versions, but I only plan to write Apps on the latest versions, so, for me this was unnecessary information

  2. tlpearce says:

    Fantastic! Again Highly Recommended Following up on my prior review of Book 1, which I highly recommended, and now concerning this one, well, I can hardly wait to open it up each day. That, to me, is a clear sign of not only understanding and learning the subject matter but of having a great time doing it.The author’s knowledge of programming in Objective-C shines through on every page, which should only be expected. I’m really amazed at his teaching ability and style, which is so well thought out, clear, and concise. As I briefly mentioned in my prior review, I’m finally understanding and grasping a programming language and how it actually works as a whole. The author has found a way to teach about the language itself, while keeping in mind all of the interrelated parts and in a way beginners can understand and grasp. This has really been frustrating for me, as I have been in and out of beginner books on a half dozen programming languages over the last 10 years. I have spent a small fortune on beginner programming books that have consistently left me scratching my head. I’ve often wondered if I just didn’t have the ability to learn and grasp the subject. But, in this book I’ve found the answer; I can. Regarding that, take my advice and purchase this book and anything else in the series, as you won’t regret it. If you are looking for an introductory Objective-C programming book, then this is the one that has to be on the top of your list, as it will lay the foundation.

  3. Tom E. Walker says:

    Excellent eBook for Learning Objective C Of the many books on Objective C I’ve read or attempted to read this is by far the best well thought out tutorial on learning Objective C I have found to date. Its clear Kevin got it right in creating a book to aid non-programmers in getting a handle on Objective C which is not easy to learn. Even if you have some programming knowledge you will still learn quite a bit from this book. The chapters are designed in such a way that I rarely found it necessary to turn back to an earlier chapter to understand difficult concepts. Kevin’s explanations are so thorough and easy to understand you’ll feel as if he is sitting right next to you helping you to absorb programming techniques that are essential to master in app creation and design.The videos at the end of the chapters are great to have as they cement the learning process. If there was a step you overlooked or forgot you’ll quickly see where in the video and make necessary corrections to your code. So in a word if your objective, (pun intentional), is to learn how to program in Objective C and in a very rapid manner then get this book NOW.

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