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Bundle of 3 Premium Certified 6.5 Feet USB Data Sync Cables for Apple iPhone 4, 4s, 3gs, iPod Touch 1, 2 ,3, 4 iPad 1, 2, 3 (NOT Lighting) (White Black Red)

Do you have multiple iDevices in your home? Siblings, Wives, and strangers fighting over who’s cable is who’s.

With 3 cables in a variety of colors, or all the same (White and Black) you will end these disputes once and for all!

Need a longer cable for watching a movie, or using your phone in bed, or in the car – we have you covered these cables are a full 2 meters, or 6.5 feet long. No need to lean towards the outlet, or crouch on the floor anymore.

There are plenty of cheapo cables out there – they might charge, they might sync, they might only be good as a short rope – don’t be stranded on a plane, train, trip, or the road with one of those cables!

We check and certify every cable we sell and back it with a TWO (2) Year. Unconditional guarantee – if its not lost, we will replace it!

These cables are compatible with Apple’s iPad 1,2 and 3, unlike many other “non-Apple brand” cables. They’re also compatible with Apple’s iPhone 4/4S and 3G/3GS, as well as the iPod Touch. However, they’re not compatible with Apple’s iPhone 5, iPod 5, iPad Mini or iPad 4. All of these models use the new lightning connector.

**Note: Charging your iPad from a computer will not work well with ANY cables since a computer does not have the required 1.8 Amp power output.
Charging an iPad at a decent speed requires the USB cable to be connected to a dedicated >1.8 Amp wall or car charger.

Product Features

  • 3 – Apple Compatible 30 Pin USB Cables
  • Charging – Safely charge your phone by connecting the cable to your computer’s USB port or a wall charger. Charge your iPad with the cable connected to a separate wall or car charger (iPads require too much amperage to be charged using the USB port on a computer)
  • Tethering – Use your mobile phone to supply Internet access to your computer
  • Variety of colors so everyone knows who’s cable is yours – or all black or white – Your Choice
  • NukePak 2 Yr Warranty on all Cables – You will loose them before they break!

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  1. Victor Kong says:

    As everyone knows the apple cords are way way too short As everyone knows the apple cords are way way too short..especially for an ipad..This cord is excellent. .I have been using for a month or so..Haven’t had one problem. For the price and the convenience of now being able to lay in bed and use my pad is short or glorious!!!!! I use my pad far more than I use to before buying this cord. If it breaks…I have 2 spares for the price of 1!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This 1-pack Bundle of 3 Premium Certified 6.5 feet USB Data Sync Cables for apple ect…fit the description very well, they work with my iPhone 4S and iPad the long length is perfect. I bought them because I needed longer length and I had bought cheaply made ones from a different vendor that stopped working after a little while. So far these have been great, and I hope they continue to hold up I also love the colors . Thanks from Rolland

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