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CaseCrown Bold Standby Case (Black) for iPad 4th Generation with Retina Display, iPad 3 & iPad 2 (Built-in magnet for sleep / wake feature)

Protect your iPad with this CaseCrown Bold Standby Case at all times

The built-in magnetic strip provides the sleep / wake feature making your iPad. Because the cover is uniquely designed to flip back and transform the case into a comfortable viewing stand, this capability allows the viewer to use the iPad comfortably.

This case sports a simple and classy design made from faux leather, and the interior is lined with non-scratch material so you do not need to worry about any damages.

All features of the iPad are accessible even with the case on through cut-outs and openings. It even includes a camera hole so you can take pictures and videos without removing it. Watch movies and listen to music clearly with speaker holes! The compact structure of the case offers convenient mobility so you can just grab your iPad and be ready to go.

Product Features

  • Built-in magnetic strip provides sleep / wake feature
  • Cover has flip capability to transform the case into a horizontal viewing stand
  • All features are accessible (camera and speaker holes available)
  • Open interior pocket for easy insertion of the iPad and velcro flap to secure it in place
  • Synthetic exterior and smooth interior for protection

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  1. Isaac Ruiz says:

    Amazing Product!!!

  2. D. Sanders says:

    Great case for the price! It’s not fancy nor expensive, but it’s exactly what I wanted.It protects my iPad 2 wonderfully, and it’s a great fit. Both cameras, all controls, headphone jack and speaker are accounted for in the design, and I don’t think I’ll ever have to take it out of this well-designed case.If you’re like me and would rather buy a sensible case without paying the premium for an Apple logo, this is a good choice.

  3. spyrelx says:

    iPad2 CaseCrown Bold Standby (black) compared to others Yoobao Executive Leather…188g….leather……….kickstandCaseCrown Bold Standby…..226g….faux leather…kickstandBearMotion Leather:………..291g….leather ………kickstandSwitchEasy Canvas:………..392g….”canvas”…….3 groovesI’ve tested the 4 cases above with an iPad2. Each is a portfolio case. You can find reviews of each online. I found good video reviews of each except Bear.Three of these are “kickstand” cases. That is, the cover folds back and slips into a notch (the “kickstand”) which holds the cover in a certain way that creates a stand. One case (SwitchEasy) doesn’t use the kickstand but instead has grooves on the inside cover which the side of the case can slide into to create a stand.All cases had magnets on the cover that turned the iPad on/off. This function worked well with all of them. Also, none of them had any problem with the magnets turning the case off if you flipped the cover around back, as some of other cases do (I had the latest version of the Yoobao, which apparently fixed that problem in an earlier version).The Bear Motion was my favorite. The review below goes from lightest to heaviest.YOOBAO EXECUTIVE. A glove for the iPad that was just a bit too flimsy for me.Pros:Very light. By far the lightest. It is basically a thin leather glove that goes around the iPad, and then a thin leather portfolio cover. You barely noticed the extra weight/bulk.Cons:1. Though made well, I didn’t think it lived up to the vaunted reports of “Yoobao quality” that some other reviewers mentioned. A few of the holes on top were slightly off, and I wasn’t really impressed with the look of the black leather and the off-white stitching.2. The kickstand worked, but not as well as the other two kickstand cases in this review. Because the Yoobao is so light and thin, the cover would slip out of the kickstand notch sometimes if you were moving it around in your lap or in bed. No problem of course if it was static, like on a table.3. Most annoying to me, the cover magnets were not strong enough to keep the cover closed if you turned it upside down or just grabbed it to carry it a certain way. In other words, the flap would flap open, turning the thing on and then off again when it flapped closed. It seemed to do this every time I picked it up.4. It offers only a very thin layer between your iPad and the outside world (not a con for me but perhaps for others). It’s fine for walking into a meeting or putting in your briefcase. But if you were concerned about the iPad getting banged around and wanted serious protection, it’s not the case for you (particularly with the flap issue noted above).CASECROWN BOLD STANDBY – A well made faux leather case. My runner-up. It is very close in design to the BearPros:1. least expensive of the lot2. well made, everything works.3. second lightest, while giving almost as much protection as the heavier models. Indeed, I would say it’s got the best weight and bulk of the 4.4. faux leather is actually quite nice. Unless closely inspected, hard to tell it’s not the real thing. It looks smart.Cons:1. The volume buttons are just a tad difficult to reach, you have to kind of push your way in there. (The Bear has a bit of this but it’s so slight as not to be an issue.)2. After handling the Bear leather case, you can kind of tell the CaseCrown is not real leather when it’s in your hands. It’s just something I noticed. You might not.3. Perhaps because of its lighter weight and bulk, or its build quality, it’s just a bit looser and flimsier than the Bear. This might not sound like much, but over time it started to annoy me. For instance, when you flipped the cover behind the iPad to hold it open, or when you put it in its kickstand to create a stand, the cover had a “looseness” not found in the heavier cases. That is, it would come off its stand, or would flop around a bit, or otherwise just feel a bit loose and cheap. Another minor example is that the cover, while it always worked to turn the iPad off when you closed it, sometimes didn’t line up exactly with the edges of the screen the way it did with all the other cases. These examples may seem minor, and perhaps they are, but as I say, after experiencing the feel of the Bear – the looseness of the CaseCrown started to bug me.BEAR MOTION LEATHER. A really well made leather case. My first choice. It is very close in design to the CaseCrown.Pros:1. To me, had the best overall “Feel”. Fine leather and acceptable weight. The Bear is 100g heavier than the Yoobao, which to my hand felt acceptable. In contrast, the SwitchEasy is 100g heavier than the Bear and, again, to my taste, was just 100g too much – see discussion of SwitchEasy below). The CaseCrown is similar to…

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