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Disney 3d Stitch Movable Ear Flip Hard Case Cover for Iphone 4/4s Xmas gift

It’s better than your expect, it is better than others.

Product Features

  • Fully compatible with iPhone 4/4S
  • Color?Blue

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  1. Peto says:

    SOO FRICKIN ADORABLE!!!! I bought this case for my wife and the title explains exactly how she feels about it. She was jumping around like a little girl, clapping with joy when she saw it. I’ll let her tell you about the case.I love Stitch, so this case is PERFECT!It went on my phone with ease. The plastic is soft to the touch, yet feels very sturdy. All of the external button controls work perfectly with my iPhone 4S. The usb plug and headphone outlets work still too. My kids and I love how the ears can pop in and out. My phone still works the same. Pictures and video aren’t obstructed…neither are the speakers or mic.Like I said, this case is so cute! Worth the wait and price!

  2. Jannychu says:

    Definitely cute, but be careful! Not the most durable choice. The case itself is very cute. There seriously is no contest when it comes to the cute factor. I am a Disney fan through and through and Stitch is definitely one of my favorites. As soon as I first saw this case last year, I knew I had to have it. Once I finally upgraded to an iPhone 4S (32GB), I went and ordered this case right away. The case seems to be sturdy, although obviously bulky. The head and the body snap into place, holding the iPhone. I imagine that it would be hard to separate this case from the phone by way of dropping it on the floor, providing that it hasn’t fallen from a high height or fallen with force. Standard iPhone earphones will function while the case is on, but ear/headphones with thicker or L-shaped audio jacks won’t work/fit. The hold and volume buttons are accessible but the ring/silent button is only accessible when you remove the head of the case. This is a small inconvenience that I don’t really mind. Trying to fit this inside your jeans pocket (any standard pocket, actually) is a challenge.This leads me to my next point: only after one day of having this case, the left ear (when facing the front of the iPhone) broke. The ear itself is still attached to the head, but when you press Stitch’s tuft of hair to release the ears, the left ear falls lower because the interior plastic piece that prevents the ears from settling lower somehow broke/snapped. I suspect this part broke when the ears popped open while my phone was in my jeans pocket and I shuffled them to put them back in place. In hindsight, this could’ve been avoided by me just putting my phone in my bag but I see this as an inconvenience (I’m the type of person who prefers to keep my phone on my person/pocket instead of inside a purse or backpack). The broken ear doesn’t detract from the actual function the case provides, but it does bother my symmetry-obsessed self. Those who aren’t familiar with what the case is supposed to look like when the ears have been released might think the [broken] ear is at an adorable angle. But because I know this isn’t supposed to be the case, I get bothered by it, especially since this happened literally the second day I’ve had the case.All this being said, the prices of this Stitch iPhone case found on Amazon aren’t that expensive. Actually, the prices found here are a great deal, considering the inflated prices I’ve seen when this case first came out (I’ve seen prices go as high as $35 and more, not including shipping). Other websites still sell this case with a starting price of at least $20. For this reason, I don’t feel so bad about ordering a second case from Amazon. (Yes, I ordered a second one!) The 3-star rating I’ve assigned to this case applies mostly to the durability (or lack thereof) of the ears. With what I’ve learned with my experience from my first Stitch case, I will be much more careful when handling it/storing it on my person/in my bag. I won’t be placing my second one in my pocket any longer! I’ll plan on updating this review after I’ve received my second case and observed the longevity/durability.

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