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Generic Apple iPhone 5 New 8-Pin – Lightning USB Data / Sync Charging Cable for Apple iPhone 5

This USB 2.0 cable connects your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with 8-pin connector to your computer’s USB port for syncing and charging or to the USB Power Adapter for convenient charging from a wall outlet. ( For Mac or Windows )

* USB 2.0 cable connects to 8-pin connector
* Color: White
* Length: 1 meter or 3.3 ft
* Supports Data Transfer
* Generic Parts, %100 High Quality

Product Features

  • For use in: iPhone 5/iPod Nano/iPod Touch 5/iPad Mini
  • Length of cable: 100¡À1cm
  • Working voltage: IN=5.05V/500-2000mA
  • Start voltage: 60-110V/AC
  • Working frequency: 180~300HZ

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  1. G-Man says:

    Works OK, I guess In a nutshell – buying this product is a gamble, but it worked out alright for me.First, look at most of the 5-star reviews, and then ignore them. A lot of the reviews don’t seem to be written by folks who actually bought this product. Right off the bat, that’s sketchy.Second, look at the other reviews on here that say the cable fits poorly. This is true for me as well, but I don’t have to force mine to the point where I’m concerned about damaging my iPhone. It’s just a bit snug compared to the fit of the genuine Apple connector.Third, look at the reviews that say this cable doesn’t charge or sync at all. My cable, on the other hand, works perfectly in that regard. No matter which orientation I plug my cable in, it charges and syncs exactly as I’d expect it to. So, what this indicates is that quality control on this product is shoddy at best. Before you purchase, make sure that it will be possible to return this product if you receive a dud.The Lightning connector on this cable looks cheap; it is NOT the same as the picture featured on the product page, which is an image of the genuine cable and not the one that you will receive in the mail. It looks like a piece of black circuit board with exposed gold contacts… not the clean, metal-encased connector on the genuine Apple cable. Look at the image I posted to the product gallery to see what I’m talking about. I’m sure this will translate to a much higher failure rate over the long term, though it doesn’t feel flimsy enough that I’d be worried about snapping the connector in half accidentally or anything.Finally – when I purchased this product on Amazon, the picture of the item posted by the seller clearly indicated “2 Pc x Lightning Cable.” For the price at the time of purchase ($4.99 for two cables plus $3.99 shipping), I thought it would be tough to go wrong, even considering the risk that the cable(s) wouldn’t work, and in spite of the lack of reliable reviews available at the time. However, the day before shipping, the seller sent an email (written in poor English) indicating that this had been a mistake; that I would only be getting one cable. They have since updated their product images. I’m not accusing anyone of bait and switch here, but I did purchase this product under false pretenses (though in fairness, the seller did give me the opportunity to cancel the order, and I passed on that opportunity).Would I purchase this cable again from this seller? Now that I know what I’m getting, probably. But the reviews on here (from verified Amazon purchases, this time) that say the product does not work at all would give me pause. Add to that the fact that the product featured in the seller’s photo is not the product you will actually receive… you begin to suspect something fishy is going on. If an extra $10 (after shipping) is worth it to you to avoid any chance of receiving a lemon or having an otherwise sketchy shopping experience, I would certainly recommend purchasing a genuine cable from Apple. In this case, the old adage is true: you get what you pay for. And what you’re paying for here is clearly an inferior product… but it gets the job done.UPDATE: the seller recently contacted me offering $3 compensation, not for the incorrect product photos or erroneous product description, but rather in exchange for erasing this negative review. Please also note that the seller has removed the photo of the product that I posted showing that the connector is clearly different than the one shown in the vendor’s own photo. This strikes me as dishonest, and is no way to conduct business. I will be reposting the photo as soon as I get a chance. I recommend you take your business to other vendors.

  2. Justin Scott says:

    Does not work. Period. I tried to save some money by not paying Apple something ridiculous like $30 a cable but unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a free lightning cable. First of all, the lightning connector is not even the right size, it’s slightly too thick which means you have to pretty much force it into the port and when you want to remove it you have to apply a lot of force to pull it out. This alone sketched me out in the first place because I’m worried about damaging the connections in the phone. Second of all, it just doesnt work. I tried it with a USB car charger in my car, to the apple wall adapter, to a backup batter, and to a computer. It DOES NOT WORK. I will still try to find another option besides buying from Apple but do not buy this product, its just making a donation to the scam artists who are trying to pass this off as a legitimate product. Right now I hate Amazon for making me give it one star, it deserves negative a million.

  3. 8nn0yed says:

    Garbage. Buy the real deal. The “lightning” connector on the one I received is “gold” and is too large to fit the iPhone. I didn’t force it, as I’m not willing to damage my phone to save $10 or so.

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