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Generic iphone 5 Adaptor 30 Pin to 8 Pin Port Adaptor

Generic iphone 5 Adaptor 30 Pin to 8 Pin Port Adaptor

Product Features

  • Data Transfer and Charger Ready
  • Adapter with Authentication Chip
  • Compact design
  • 8 Pin to 30 Pin Adapter

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  1. Buck says:

    Horrible, not at all what it claims to be, plus ridiculous delays! This adaptor is one of the most useless pieces of junk I have ever bought in my life. Long story short, I purchased this the week after IPhone 5′s launched, and no I did not wait to write this review, I literally just received it, it took that long. They threw in a “free” stylus for the inconvenience, this after they claimed to have shipped it already. Once I received this and the stylus, I immediately plugged it in to my old apple usb 30 pin connector to take it to the lightening adaptor as it claims. To my surprise, it said cannot charge unrecognized device. I thought this was perhaps an anomali however since I have 5 apple products, I plugged it into every car charger I have (multiple brands) and every 30 pin connector I have. All came back with the same error on my phone. In theory I should have known better than to trust something that was 14.99 but Apple has yet to develop this yet, other than utilization of an extra cord which is 40 bucks.Trying to get in touch with these people is equally difficult, their website is practically useless, and thus far they have not answered my emails, which is why I am writing this scathing review. Perhaps if I can sway one person to purchase this I will have succeeded.Last but not least, once I hit submit on my order did I realize I got to pay an additional 3.50 for processing. So to sum it up, I will do so by stating this:14.99 for a worthless piece of plastic that does nothing to charge my phone as advertised3.50 for shipping a worthless piece of plastic that does nothing to charge my phone as advertised and takes over a month to get to meunanswered emails and being completely ignored …pricelessBeware of this company or be prepared to be disappointed!UPDATE to this review.After multiple attempts to contact support I received an email back from Mike in customer support. There were quite a few questions to be expected to ensure I’m not a total idiot, and once we narrowed it down, he asked if I wanted a replacement or a refund. I asked for the refund and I wanted to know if he wanted the product back, he said no. I thanked him for his integrity as I know it is not anyone’s expectation to receive credit on s/h but this company did that. Nice surprise after all of the frustration. All in all I would probably order from them again, but certainly not a new generic based item, as I think they tend to be a bit problematic.Thanks Mike

  2. George says:

    Excellent adapter I just filed a review which includes the other inexpensive 30 pin to lightning adapters which are available and then found that I can review this one separately.This one is significantly better than the rest. It has a small ridge below the lightning connector which enables it to work with most iPhone cases and works well both with my iHome charger and 30 pin – usb sync cable. It is distinguished by its oval shape while the rest are rectangular.It does not support audio or video, but works great for charging and syncing.

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