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Hot Pink Deluxe W/chrome Rubberized Snap-on Hard Back Cover Case for AT&T Apple Iphone 4 4g

Hot Pink Deluxe W/chrome Rubberized Snap-on Hard Back Cover Case for At&t Apple Iphone 4 4g

Product Features

  • Hot Pink Deluxe W/Chrome Rubberized Snap-On Hard Back Cover Case New for AT&T Apple iPhone 4 4G
  • Protect your device with style through this sleek protector case.
  • Provides ultimate protection from scratches and chips
  • Precise openings on the protector case to allow access to all controls and features.
  • Easy, perfect fitting cover protects your device.

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  1. LoveMyWESTIEinWI says:

    Very Pretty, Sleek Detailing, Great Fitting Case! First, I’ve gotta say (only because it drives me CRAZY) that this case is the (AT&T, idk about Verizon) iPhone4, and I assume they mean iPhone 4 “S”, there is no iPhone “4g”. Okay, that being said, I have an AT&T iPhone4, and this case fits very well. It’s very very pretty, true to screen appearance. Much like other cases, it attaches to the back of phone and just wraps around the sides, it doesn’t cover the front- nor does it claim to. All too often reviews trash cases that don’t “protect” the front of the phone, but this is something that is easy to tell just by looking at the picture or reading the description of the case before buying. Personally, I prefer cases that leave the front of the phone unobstructed as to not hinder its use. As far as protection against dropping goes, I haven’t dropped it yet… and I don’t plan to drop it on purpose, just to test the case’s durability, sorry, I love my phone too much ;-) I can say, though, that I like the rubberized texture of the case, giving it a bit of a non-slip grip (not the best, but not bad). Fits like a glove- even the (sleek, awesome chrome detailing) is spot-on. Even as it wraps around the camera/flash, it doesn’t interfere at all. Also, it’s feels as though it would protect my phone against a fall- depending on the surface- but the case would probably end up sacrificing itself for the phone, but that’s going to happen with most cases, and better the case shatter than the phone. If you want to be able to throw your phone around and still have a living case AND phone, you’re going to have to pay ten times what this case costs for a high-end, clunky case. I depend on cases mostly for scratch protection (in purse, etc), for grip (the skinny lil iPhone4 may be sleek, but it’s a slippery lil bugger), and, I admit, I love changing cases often, whether it be to match outfits, or because I get bored- and because of cases like this one, that’s great quality and even better price, I can afford to!So if you’re looking for moderate protection, and a beautiful case with fantastic details, buy this case! It’s lovely, and definitely worth the $!

  2. cupcakediva says:

    my review I love the looks of this cover and it fits great. The only problem it had (which was a big one), the cover bled on my skin. After using my phone, my skin was the bright pink color. It wouldn’t come off with soap and water. If it didn’t bleed the color, I would love it.

  3. S. Desangles "mother of two" says:

    hot pink first the look: love the color..its such an amazing vivid rich pink im in love.quality: flimsy at its best…the silver detail took only 3 hours of use to fall appart and with any scratch the colors robs off showing the base material.delivery: it took almost a month for me to receive this item.i do not recommend this product…!

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