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iGadgitz Water Resistant Neoprene Sports Gym Jogging Armband for Apple iPod Classic 80gb, 120gb & 160gb

iGadgitz Neoprene armband is custom mdae for iPod Classic. Manufactured from water resistant neoprene material. Perfect for use in the gym, jogging, cycling, beach, etc. Fully adjustable, Minimum arm circ 26cm; Max 44cm. (Min: 10.2″ Max: 17.3″)

Suitable for use with player only. Will NOT fit if the player is cased.

Product Features

  • Suitable for iPod Classic 80gb, 120gb & 160gb
  • One size fits all, Secure Velcro adjustable fastner, Minimum arm circ 26cm; Max 44cm (Min: 10.2″ Max: 17.3″)
  • iPod sits in a plastic skin with a fitting for your headphones and full access to all your controls. Produced from superior quality neoprene
  • Perfect for jogging, cycling, gym, beach etc
  • Water resistant, Fully adjustable for comfort, Storage for excess earphone cable

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