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iGallery style of iOS 9

Product Features

  • - Sync your photo gallery to the ĩPhone 6s gallery very fast
  • - Create your own album with iOs 9 style
  • - Cloud backup
  • - Phone 6s photo gallery time view (Year/Album/Collection), flat design
  • - See photo right on thumbnail
  • - Design with ìPhone6s look, classy
  • - Show information and sort like iOs9 style view
  • - Photo gallery with full flat and classy design
  • - Show info of day month year place with ios 9 font style
  • - Search photo easily with date and sort them to find them
  • - Quick seek like Phone 6s
  • - Move photo from album to album easily
  • - Very smooth and beautiful just like iOS 9
  • - Change view to collection to see all image ios 9 with date and time
  • - Backup and restore image from cloud like phone 6s

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