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iOS Core Animation: Advanced Techniques

Core Animation is the technology underlying Apple’s iOS user interface. By unleashing the full power of Core Animation, you can enhance your app with impressive 2D and 3D visual effects and create exciting and unique new interfaces.

In this in-depth guide, iOS developer Nick Lockwood takes you step-by-step through the Core Animation framework, building up your understanding through sample code and diagrams together with comprehensive explanations and helpful tips. Lockwood demystifies the Core Animation APIs, and teaches you how to make use of

  • Layers and views, software drawing and hardware compositing
  • Layer geometry, hit testing and clipping
  • Layer effects, transforms and 3D interfaces
  • Video playback, text, tiled images, OpenGL, particles and reflections
  • Implicit and explicit animations
  • Property animations, keyframes and transitions
  • Easing, frame-by-frame animation and physics
  • Performance tuning and much, much more!

Approximately 356 pages.

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  1. Robert MacFarlane "iMacFarlane" says:

    Perfect book for the non-beginner! It seems like every book out there written for iOS tends to try to cover C, Objective-C, and all the iOS frameworks in very little depth. This book pulls no punches. Right in the forward, the author states that the book is for those already comfortable with C, Objective-C, and even X-Code. Most of the code examples require quite a bit of proficiency in the tools to get running, because the author does not waste any time “step-by-step”ing through the tedious steps to create a project, setup a view, wire up some target outlets, import resource files, etc. It just dives right in and demonstrates some awesome layer feature or some aspect of the framework that was never even hinted at in those other basics books. If you’re new to the language or the frameworks, you might want to look around a little to get up to speed before you try this book. But, if you are already able to code simple apps in the X-Code environment, and want to blow the doors off the graphics on your next app, I highly recommend this well written, highly focused book. After reading and working each of the examples, this book will remain a valuable resource for years to come!Bravo!

  2. Daniel Rodriguez says:

    Great Primer into Core Animation If you already know a bit of objective c and iOS Development in general you will finish the book feeling like a genius and wanting to use CALayers and Core Animation every where.Highly recommended

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