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Iphone 4 Contre Iphone 3gs

Mobile telephony addicts are probably all familiar with: Apple has launched its new iPhone, iPhone 4, June 24, 2010. In the words of the company, it would be of the greatest technological advance since the release of the very first generation of iPhones in 2007. Whether you’re looking to buy a new mobile telephony, or you’re just curious, you may be wondering how the last-n family of iPhones is multimdia his ancestors. Here are the main diffrence between the iPhone and model 4 of last year, the iPhone 3G.

In terms of size and weight of both telephony, there is a small difference. The iPhone 3G is approximately 62.1 mm wide and 12.3 mm in thickness and 135 g PSE IPhone 4, for its part, is about 59 mm wide for 9 mm thick, for a weight of 137 g.

Ct performance, the iPhone 4 is a dot A4 processor 1 GHz, while his predecessors only offers 600 MHz. 4 The iPhone is almost 2 times faster than the iPhone 3G. In addition, he availing oneself of a flash memory of 16 GB or 32 GB, depending on the chosen MODEL. The iPhone 3G, for its part, will be available with 8 GB of memory.

Both telephony have notches of the same magnitude, it is – or 3.5 inches. For cons, the guts of the iPhone 4 enjoys a high technology Retina DEFINITIONS single Apple. By consquent, its pixels are 4 times smaller than pixels in the screen of the iPhone 3G, which provides images and characters greater sharpness. The screen of the iPhone 4 presents 960 pixels by 640 pixels, 320 pixels by 480 cons pixels for the iPhone 3G.

The video camera of the iPhone 4 is also more efficient than the iPhone 3G, since
offers 5 Megapixel for the resolution against 3 for the iPhone 3G. It is noted that the intressant iPhone 4 is actually two dot camra lenses instead of one. The new lens is on the facade of the unit allows you to convert videos. The device can be used including vidos watch in HD. In addition to a deuxime camra, it also availing oneself deuxime a microphone used to capture the ambient noise and rduire to make conversations clearer.

The iPhone also has four functions intressant for gamers. In addition to the compass and acclromtre the iPhone 3G, which are useful for the operation of several games, a 3-axis gyroscope rotation at 4 addition to the iPhone, allowing it to offer better performance.

The autonomy of the new iPhone surpasses that of his predecessors. While the iPhone 3G’s battery allowed to talk for 5 hours and listen to music for 30 hours, the iPhone’s 4 allows to speak for 7 hours and listen to music for 40 consecutive hours.

4 The iPhone is the iPhone 3G multimdia on several points, which makes him a telephone mobile trs intressant.

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