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iPhone 5 from Verizon also works on AT&T and T-Mobile?

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According to an article on iPhoneRumors.com, the iPhone 5 version sold by Verizon (CDMA network) is unlocked and can run on GSM networks such as AT&T. When your contract runs out at Verizon, you could easily switch networks without buying a new phone.

Apparently only the Verizon phone does this, and iPhone Rumors and others expect Apple to lock out that possibility as soon as they realize what is happening, because it gives Verizon such an advantage.

Meanwhile, given the purple flare in the iPhone 5s camera lens, do you really want an iPhone 5? Would it be better to stick with your 4S until the camera problem is fixed?

Or do you think Apple (assuming it fixes the camera issue instead  of just explaining at away as they are now) will quietly relock the unlocked Verizon iPhone 5 when they fix the camera?

Right now Apple claims the purple flare is operator error. They want you to aim the lens away from the sun. But previous iPhone versions have no purple flare problem. The purple flare is thought to be caused by the iPhone 5′s new sapphire lens cover.

What are your iPhone plans? To upgrade now? To wait? Please leave comment and share your views.

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