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iPhone 5 Screen

Product Features

  • Iphone 5 Screen look and feel
  • Unique Themes
  • Many icons avaliable

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  1. Sky says:

    suprised and happy when I clicked download I wasn’t sure what to expect because of the low quality photo but once it finished Dow loading it was a near perfect hd screen. It had the backtound you could swipe and some apps that would open! if I had one suggestion it would be to make the app so the amazon kindle setting opener would be hidden and just have a secret place in the app to open it up or go home. But thank you to the person who made it all my friends think I have an ipad mini

  2. puppy says:

    it was VERY cool It was interesting and useful but you cannot do a lot on this but it works and you can trick people to make it look like you have an ipad that US what I did with my friends

  3. Ayoo' Koo Kiidd Zee says:

    Ii Love It ! Ii Love This App & It Works Well On KINDLE FIRE … Its Awesome , ‘Thaa Bad Part Is It Won’t Let Me Use Siri , Instagram , Messages ( Which Is Obvioualy Dumb Because Ii Can Text From My Kindle Fire ) , But Any Who GET THIS APP ! ♥ ♡تヅ ツッシÜ

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