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Iphone Insurance

iPhones can be a significant investment and you should think about protecting this device with insurance. As many as 4.5million handsets are lost or damaged every year in the UK and if you don’t have insurance then you will have no financial cover to back you up. Also mobile phones have become one of the top items targeted in robberies and figure show that in the UK a mobile phone is stolen on average every 5 minutes.

You could probably afford to replace your iPhone if something does happen to it, but then how can you be sure this will not happen again? Could you afford to replace your iPhone twice in one year? For most people a mobile phone is a necessity but they could not afford to spend a lot of money on new handsets each year. This is why iPhone insurance is so important. This will provide you with essential financial cover and can help you to afford a replacement phone if yours is damaged or stolen.

Getting the Right Cover

When you are shopping around for iPhone insurance you do need to check the policy very carefully and ensure you are being offered the cover you need. For example over 29% of mobile phone users put through claims on their insurance because their phone has been damaged by a toddler. If you have young children then you should make sure your policy can provide you with this kind of cover. Also 75% of people say they take their mobile phones on holiday with them. Check your insurance policy will also cover you for your holidays as it is too easy to lose your iPhone or damage it in the confusion of packing and travelling around. Over £250 million worth of mobile phones are damaged every year by people putting them through the wash by accident so this is another type of cover you should ensure is on your policy. When you are taking out iPhone insurance always check exactly what you can expect if you put in a claim. Some policies will pay for a complete replacement of the phone for a new handset, others will only pay as much as your phone was worth at the time it was damaged or stolen. This will mean you have to make up the difference to get a new handset.

iPhone Insurance

Unlike other insurance policies mobile phone cover is not based on age or occupation. This can be beneficial in a way as it means no key groups are targeted for higher premiums like with car insurance policies (young drivers pay much higher premiums). However this does mean that everyone ends up paying slightly higher premiums so you do need to take the time to compare policies and make sure you are getting the right kind of cover for your budget.

It is important to have insurance in place if for your iPhone. This will help cover the costs should the handset be lost, stolen or damaged.

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