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Iphone Insurance

The iphone is considered as an ultimate icon in the market of mobile phones but this doesn’t come as so cheap. As a fortunate owner, you would want to protect your piece of prized possession and one of the best way is take out iphone insurance for your phone.


One cannot deny that iphones are open to multiple number of risks that may end up with you reaching again for your credit card or checkbook. These risks include the phone:


  • Being stolen from anywhere
  • Breaking down outside of manufacturer’s warranty period
  • Being destroyed in any type of accident


Below mentioned are the noteworthy benefits for taking out the iphone insurance:


After the warranty period


The new iphone which comes with manufacturers warranty generally lasts for only limited period of time, mostly only a year. What will happen, when the warranty of your iphone expires, most probably you will have to bear the charges of the repairing or have to find a replacement for your iphone.


Without iphone insurance you also have to find out someone equally capable of repairing such a complicated phone and also have to find the money for repairing, which would be very costly for you. Furthermore, you also have to part with your phone till it’s not repaired and on top of it you came to know that it’s impossible to repair the phone, then you will be left holding a expensive paperweight.


Normally the iphone insurance policy covers all the repairs cost and they even provide replacement after the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty. In the meantime, if you are still without a phone and your claim is found successful, then you would be issued with a replacement or have your phone fixed up and will be returned to you within 48 hours, with the assistance of some insurance providers.


Other benefits of iPhone insurance


Accidents can happen anytime, no matter how cautious you are with your iphone and if yours precious is dropped by mistake on carpeting, then it is bound to get heavily damaged or can even break. If you would be having iphone insurance in this case then your phone can be easily repaired or replaced in accordance with insurance provider’s terms and conditions.


One of the main problems of owning these expensive gadgets, which of course iphone is, is the fact that they are frequently targeted by the thieves. Now days phones are very easy to steal as they can be easily snatched from your hand or from the pocket in the street, they are also targeted in home burglaries or can be easily stolen out of your car. The insurance of iphone covers these types of thefts provided the theft meets the required guidelines given by the iphone insurance provider.


While selecting iphone insurance, it is very important to note the limitations and exclusions which are being applied in the insurance policy. Therefore, it is very necessary to make sure that the insurance cover you are buying is appropriate for your needs and hence, should prove beneficial in case of emergency.

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