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Steve Jobs: 12 Tips You Can Learn from Steve Jobs’ Success (Steve Jobs, steve jobs biography, steve jobs books)

Steve Jobs (FREE Bonus Included)

12 Tips You Can Learn from Steve Jobs’ Success

Steve Jobs was one of the founders of the multimedia conglomerate Apple, which is now known worldwide as the leading innovator and most influential presence in the world of computer technologies. His untimely death in 2011, after succumbing to cancer, was a tragedy that resonated throughout the world, but his legacy lives on as Apple continues to drive forward in the way it provides cutting edge technology for its market.

The company is often said to be an extension of Steve Jobs himself; his own set of beliefs, principles and practices are present throughout the infrastructure of the company. Emphasis on innovation, understanding the customers, creativity, diversity, integrity and looking to the future are all characteristics that define both Steve Jobs and Apple as a company. There is a lot we can learn from Steve Jobs regarding what it takes to be successful.

This book aims to tackle that very objective! Discover the 12 most important lessons we can learn from the success of Steve Jobs.

These 12 lessons cover the following areas of life and business:

  • Personal Development
  • Approaching Other People
  • Innovation
  • When Times get Tough
  • Passion and Commitment

If you are hungry to succeed, be it in business, socializing, romance, family or personal development, Steve Jobs offers some valuable lessons you can follow. Take a leaf out of the book of the 21st century’s most beloved and respected entrepreneur and learn how you can make your dreams a reality.

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