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  1. Russell S says:

    Watch it for the robust performances.

  2. Erin Pavlicek says:

    A Brilliant Yet Miserable Man If you’re expecting to see the innovation or brilliant development of Apple products in the film, you will be disappointed.It is literally non-stop 2 hours of yelling and arguing. Don’t watch this if you’re already feeling stressed and don’t want to endure more stress on top of it. It is NOT a feel-good film at all or have a climactic ending. The film does not show Steve’s brilliance and passion, but more as an observation of a delusional sociopathic jerk.The whole film feels very claustrophobic basically just taking place backstage half hour or so prior to the presentation shows begin every time — the actual presentations themselves that most of us would be anticipated for, we don’t really get to see! — of Steve arguing with his ex-wife and others that just seem to go on and on forever that just happen to occur right before the presentations. They are NOT factual events — but done for dramatic effect!You can tell this movie was written by the same screenwriter as the Facebook movie “The Social Network”. Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin just puts WAAAAAAAAAAAY too much into his dialogue. (Doesn’t he know that LESS IS MORE?) There’s just sooo much ramblings. It’s almost like Steve Job’s delivery and portrayal is no different from Mark Zuckerberg in the film Social Network. I understand they’re both geniuses, but that doesn’t mean they both always have to be delivering their lines 100mph rambling on and on. There are some interesting arguments, especially with Steve and Woz, but most of the arguing in the film just drag on and you want to move on with that…. only to endure more arguing.If you don’t know anything or much about Steve Jobs, Woz, or history of how Apple got started, this film is NOT for you. I highly recommend watching first; a much more entertaining film (It’s a TV movie made by the TNT network, but it’s very well made) of not only Steve Jobs, but Bill Gates as well. Even Ashton’s Kutcher’s is a much more friendly starter.While Ashton Kutcher’s “Jobs” went for the “direct-copy” approach (Who would have thought how much Ashton could look like Steve Jobs!), Danny Boyle’s version of this film seems to be more of an abstract metaphorical representation. The makers of this film said they deliberately used actors that really look nothing like the real people; however, the overall “image” is there.Michael Fassbender really looks nothing like Steve Jobs, including the way he says his lines, especially the very beginning; however, Fassbender always has a powerful presence in his films (He is Magneto, after all). Steve Wozniak has a bit of a goofy friendly bear-like image, so I see where they decided to use Seth Rogen — even though, again, he looks nothing like the real guy.The second half of the film, when Michael Fassbender transforms into the iconic turtleneck, glasses, and jeans, is where you finally get a feeling that he could be Steve Jobs. It’s also when we finally get to see something more interesting like the iMac; the film takes an hour of constant arguing just to get to that refreshing scene. I would have liked to have seen more of this kind of scene. But then it goes on to more arguing…Pirates of Silicon Valley is still able to capture not only Steve’s arrogant side, but his passion and being more of a victim; the film also does an amazing job presenting the Macintosh as part of the main star of the film as well, and it even involves Bill Gates!In this film, it’s really Steve Jobs arguing and being crazy the whole time. The main focus and theme of the film is the relationship between Steve and his daughter.If you’re expecting to see the Apple product themselves to be the star of the film or Steve Job’s development processes, you will DEFINITELY be disappointed. If you want to watch 2 hours of Steve Jobs yelling and arguing with his ex-wife, his marketing manager, his programmers, ex-boss… basically everyone, and suddenly have an epiphany for his daughter, then this film is for you.While there are some interesting arguing that happens with Steve and Woz, a brief look of the iMac, and some subtle humor line in the script knocking about the iPad, 90% of the film is just unpleasing rambling arguments that you just want them to move on already.Pirates of Silicon Valley is still the best film about Steve Jobs/Apple and Bill Gates.The beginning of the film was shot on 16mm with a very grainy look, middle of the film was shot on 35mm, and the last scenes were shot on digital with a really crisp look.I hope one day someone could make a more interesting story (that doesn’t involve repetitive arguing) of Steve Jobs focusing on his days of the…

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