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Steve Jobs: A Juicy Look inside the Core of an Empire (Steve Jobs Biography) (Famous Biographies)

Learn Valuable Life Lessons from the Master of Innovation, Steve Jobs

*Newly Updated*

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Steve Jobs: A Juicy Look inside the Core of an Empire serves to provide you with a cutting-edge overview of the life and legacy of Steve Jobs. You will learn valuable lessons from the master of innovation himself.

Steve Jobs was a human being who had incredible belief in his vision to change the world. Even though his style of leadership may have been a bit off in some respects, he left a mark in history that can never be forgotten.

Jobs’ incredible drive took him down a path of greatness leading to multiple successes in the electronics and computing industry. His life is truly an inspiration to the masses and will always be remembered as wildly remarkable.

*This version of the book is newly updated with a chapter on Jobs’ famous quotes as well as an excerpt from the president at the end of the last chapter.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The Early Days of Steve Jobs
  • How He Rose to Prominence as the Co-founder and Main Driving Force Behind Apple
  • His Venture Outside Apple and How He Reclaimed the Company that was Once His
  • His Secrets in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Life
  • Much more!

Steve Jobs: A Juicy Look inside the Core of an Empire is everything that its title implies: a juicy look inside the life of a revolutionary mind. All you need to know about Jobs and why his life is a model for others is right here.

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  1. Stuart Powell says:

    Easy And Interesting I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and interesting this book was. The author did a terrific job of taking technical information that could have been extremely boring and made it both understandable and interesting. The author was able to provide a very balanced portrayal of an complex personality. Although Steve Jobs had some significant character flaws as a human being which were not in the least bit endearing, I was left with a great deal of admirmation for the tenacity, drive and creativity that Steve Jobs brought to every business endeavor he was involved in. It is sad that he left to soon.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This book offers a very concise background information on the late founder of Apple. His tenacity and his “never give up” attitude to achieve his goals is what inspires me most. It also offers his other achievement outside of Apple. Definitely recommended!

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