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Steve Jobs: Agenda

Steve Jobs’ agenda, intelligent cutting-edge products, is an invigorating homage to Steve Jobs’ outstanding lifetime achievement.

It spotlights the exciting experiences Apple customers make during the process of being interested in Apple’s variety of products. The reader slips into the experiential perspective of the fascinating world of intelligent cutting-egde products, the most challenging product category industrial companies can produce. Anyone who has read this inspiring book, can understand why Apple has so many enthusiastic fans and firmly convinced customers and constantly succeeds in winning critical customers.

The basic principles on which Apple’s enormous success is based, draws like a leitmotif through everything Steve Jobs has created. His principles are explored and evalued by using concrete examples. This eBook invites you to an unusual journey through the fascinating world of Apple’s current offers along the great ideas of Steve Jobs. Find out why his agenda has led to great successes and his rather strange paths, which are located away from established management methods and were referred to as brilliant by influential people.

People want to be seen as individuals with their personal views and perceived ideas. Steve has managed to meet these needs through developing mass products and market them successfully. Find out more about it in this book. Enjoy reading.

Once again: This book is a homage to Steve’s life. Not a fact book nor a critical review or a management guide. It inspires the reader. It helps the reader to refocus and reduce complex environments.

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  1. Conti Luca "Social media consultant" says:

    Fan-boy Apple products description Yes, it’s nothing more than a description of almost all Apple products has done during last year from a fan-boy (or fan-man) point of view. Not very informative or useful, sorry to say that.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The author of this book obviously thinks that Steve Jobs was able to walk on water and part the Red Sea!! Mr Wessling should have spent less time praising the ground Steve Jobs walked on and more time proof-reading his writing. The number of grammatical errors and typos in this book are just ridiculous. One of the worst I’ve ever encountered. Perhaps he should get a job kissing the new Apple CEO’s butt and give up his writing career altogether.

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