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Steve Jobs: American Genius

Steve Jobs revolutionized the way we work, listen to music, watch movies, and communicate. By pushing boundaries and always thinking one step ahead, Jobs became an icon, equally as famous for his advanced ideas and design aesthetic as his sleek black turtlenecks. What inspired him? How did he do his job? What made him the man he was?

Here is Steve Jobs—the innovator, the rebel, the genius—in an incisive biography of a man who changed the world. Also includes quotes from and about Jobs, chronologies detailing Jobs’s achievements, and source notes.

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  1. sam says:

    Good reading and recap….of SJobs life Enjoyed and ‘easy reading’…also have read W. Isaacson’s ‘tome’ on SJobs….And, I would recommend this book to all ages….

  2. Lovereading says:

    Good biography Enjoyed reading this version after hearing so much about it. Made me want to go to an Apple store and buy and Apple product wwhen I finished!

  3. dhogue says:

    True Visionary This gives me great insight into the mind of Steve Jobs. Hewas a true visionary. His insight into the people’s wants andneeds is amazing.

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