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Steve Jobs – Consciously Genius: Unauthorized Documentary

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  1. Patrick C Dowell says:

    Nonsense I had to stop watching in the beginning of the movie because of gross inaccuracies. For example, Jobs didn’t call up the head of HP to discuss switch boards or whatever gibberish that guy was talking about. Jobs made the call to request spare parts to build his frequency counter. Also the first Apple computer was not the Lisa, it was the Apple I. The Lisa didn’t predate the Apple I, It predated the first Macintosh. Where did they get this guy?

  2. David B. says:

    A school project? This “documentary” sounds like an 8th grade book report on Steve Jobs. It reminds me of someone in middle school reading a piece of paper in front of the class, never looking up, with no change in inflection of voice. Throw in some “pundits” who no one has ever heard of, and quotes like “Steve Jobs is probably going to be considered after some of the greatest inventors of America” (huh?). The pundits are so obscure, they don’t even credit them (at least on their first couple of appearances. I did not get through the whole thing). It is like they picked some people off the street and asked them about Steve Jobs. I made it about 15-20 minutes before I had to turn it off. Throw in some iMovie fonts and effects and you have this “documentary”.

  3. dbm123 "David" says:

    waste of time This is a sham performed with (lame) actors who never met Jobs with materials available from public sources and spiced with conjecture. Go read the good book.

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