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Steve Jobs: One Last Thing

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  1. Kj Godwin-larson "Kelly-Jeau G. Larson" says:

    clear and truthful documentary Simple interviews of his life, friends and business ties. Seeing peoples views of him (good and bad) was insightful in and of itself. But, I found it very interesting when learning of a belief system Jobs had that I never thought of in such good words. Something he considered some decades before he died. Watch it, and learn something about how to live and work with your life, and wonder (as I am) of what people will say about you after you died what they may point out of what you left behind.

  2. G. Cline says:

    One Last Thing (that we have seen everywhere already) This show is mostly regurgitated video from other show, hardly any new (or insightful) information included. I was very disappointed that it was advertised to be something that it isn’t, fresh with additional content.Still a good video, but not “insanely great”.

  3. Donna Ledbetter says:

    Too Much Left Unanswered is a good film, but unfortunately, there are so many others like it that tell the same story. It’s just a shortened version of existing, longer films about the history of Steve Jobs. The subtitle “One Last Thing” seemed to suggest that the film might actually have more detail or insight about Jobs or his inventions than other films might. I looked forward to learning more about his journey in Buddhism or his supposed future plans for developing technologies that will impact the television industry. Either of those would have been fitting as “one last thing,” but this film instead is sadly just a rehash of old information.What the film does have is good narration and sequencing. It is easy to follow along with and explains the Jobs story visually with appropriate detail. Its use of first-person interviews with some of Jobs’s old acquaintances is one of the few highlights. The film could have been much improved had the interviews been allowed to take a more prominent role. I would have liked to have heard more from the Buddhist colleague or perhaps even Jobs’s wife, who did not actually appear in the film.Despite the many ways the film could be improved, it is still worth watching if you are a staunch Steve Jobs or Apple product fan. If you are looking for something more substantive, consider reading one of the Steve Jobs biographies instead.

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