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Steve Jobs Success Secrets Revealed – How to Be Successful in Business and in Life like Apple Founder Steve Jobs (Famous Success Stories)

Learn The Life Success Secrets Of Apple Founder Steve Jobs

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You’re about to discover the success secrets of Apple founder Steve Jobs and learn how to achieve your goals and become successful in business and life!

This book reveals the incredibly inspirational story of Steve Jobs and contains his proven success principles that have helped him become one of the worlds most famous innovators and entrepreneurs. Not only that, but these strategies and principles are easily applicable to anyone that wants to achieve their goals or dreams as well.

Here’s just a preview of the chapters and what you will learn:

* Introduction
* Why Steve Jobs?
* But Who Exactly Is Steve Jobs?
* A Brief View On Jobs’ Personal Life
* Steve’s Not-So Colorful Educational Life
* The Start Of His Career
* How Did The Apple Bud?
* A Venture: Pixar
* Challenging Things That Seems To Be Impossible And Ridiculous
* Recognitions And Honors Received by Steve Jobs
* The Unnoticed Philanthropist
* How Can You Become Steve Jobs
* Conclusion

This book is loaded with inspiration and wisdom from one of the worlds most famous innovators of all time. This will not only help you take your business to the next level, but your entire life!

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“A fantastic read about Steve Jobs life and success as an entrepreneur!”
- Noel Medvev (Salt Lake City, UT, USA)

“Wow, I learned so much about this amazing man and this book did not disappoint. It’s not as detailed as Steve’s bio but provides a great story and lessons of this incredible human being.”
- Chris Seagal (San Francisco, CA, USA)

“If you’re an Apple fan, this book is for you. Learn about one of the worlds most dominant brands and get inside the mindset of the creator of it all: Steve Jobs.”
- Lucy Ferguson (Saskatchewan, Canada)

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  1. Kitty Kat says:

    Success leaves clues I’m of the belief that “success leaves clues”, meaning you should always be modelling and learning from people that have been successful before you if you ever want to have success as well. Steve Jobs is an amazing mentor and role model for anyone in the world of business, and this book was exactly what I needed to read to help inspire me to grow my business further.

  2. Edward Cutter says:

    Steve Jobs rocks! This book really did a good job telling Steve Jobs story and went into details about his life and his success. I learned the perseverance of one man and how following your dreams you can make anything happen. I’ve read many Steve Jobs books and this one is one of the best. He’s an amazing man to study, so I can recommend learning anything about him.

  3. Suzy says:

    Well written and a tribute to a popular man Having read this book from cover to cover over the weekend I can honestly say I found it enjoyable. Steve Jobs worked hard to get where he was and this is shown in the book, but unlike some other ‘How to be successful’ books I have read I actually found this one made much more sense than I expected. This book is well written with helpful advice that anyone can follow – it didn’t offer any get rich quick plans but did point out the qualities needed to be a success in business. Thanks

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