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Steve Jobs The Lost Interview

In this candid, in-depth interview with the late visionary filmed in 1995, Steve Jobs discusses at length his early days, career battles, and vision for the future. Small portions of the piece were used for a television series at the time, but the vast majority was shelved and for 17 years thought to be lost. Resurfacing, it is being presented in its entirety, providing a fascinating look at Jobs at a particularly interesting moment in his career, two years before he would go on to retake control of Apple.

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  1. Ly Teck says:

    You’re in for a treat… This is an hour-long interview of Steve Jobs in his younger years, long before the iPhone. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, having read everything already. It turned out to be extremely captivating as you get an unedited glimpse of the man’s raw intelligence.

  2. Christopher Kuttruff says:

    Utterly fascinating… As a linux enthusiast I’ve always been a bit contemptuous of apple products – oversimplified, restrictive, too proprietary. And while much of this is true and while apple has changed dramatically over the years, watching this interview, I have a much greater respect for the vision and character of a man who has unquestionably altered the course of personal computing.Jobs elegantly describes his passion and drive to create digital environments that are both aesthetically unique as well as functional. Very curious to learn more about how things evolved at Next and more of the history of how apple initially grew – Jobs and Wozniak in a basement hacking on hardware and ideas that would revolutionize an industry that was just beginning to be introduced to the general public.This is absolutely worth watching (and I imagine one of the best interviews of Jobs in existence).Enjoy

  3. David Greelish "classiccomputing.com" says:

    The overall best Steve Jobs interview This interview (as a movie) played in my area last year, in Atlanta, and I went with my wife and some friends. We all thoroughly enjoyed it and I knew that I wanted to own it on DVD. It’s very thought provoking and Steve Jobs shines light on what he felt went wrong at Apple when he left, and what was going wrong at the time in 1995. Robert X. Cringely did a fine job as interviewer too. There were a number of good documentaries made on Steve Jobs after he died, but I would recommend this simple interview as the best to own. It’s mostly all just the man answering questions and talking, and that is mighty stuff from this particular man.I received the DVD fast too! Great service from Amazon.com as usual.

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