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Steve Jobs : The Man Behind the Machine

Steve Jobs is one of the most influential people in recent times and has redefined what we consider to be the digital experience as well as single handedly created the computer on which the internet was created. Always the rebel Steve Jobs was always looking for ways to improve the overall human condition as well as to create a new way to approach the world. By creating one of the most economically responsible and responsive companies in the world Steve Jobs was able to create an amazing and unbelievable experience for others as they were able to find their digital experiences as well as to find what would make them productive in their work environment.In addition to redefining our digital space Steve Jobs was also able to enrich our lives through a partnership with Disney in which Steve Jobs focused on redefining the movie space and finding ways to improve the ability of people to see character portrayal through digital media. Steve Jobs was an inspiration to his generation.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    After reading this book I now can enjoy the movie “Jobs”. The information was helpful but it doesn’t tell the reader what was his illness.

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