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Steve Jobs – Top 13 Secrets To Success in Life & Business: The Power Of Think Different

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As a true innovator, Steve Jobs made a huge impact and undoubtedly altered the way we view the world. From how we talk to each other and think about business, to the way we approach every facet of our daily life, the shift in our society is undeniable. As an inventive and innovative business genius, he was also committed to creating a positive impact, influencing the lives of others for the better. His success as Apple’s co-founder and CEO, along with his role at Pixar will forever leave an impression in the minds of so many. Passing away at only 56, he left an impressive net worth of over $10 billion. It leaves us asking about the unknown…if he were still around today, what would he be accomplishing? What projects would he be working on? What kind of innovative and insightful feedback would he offer some of the issues we face in today’s society? 

From Ford’s knack for efficiency to Edison’s innovative mind or Disney’s creative genius, Jobs undoubtedly falls among the ranks as some of the most innovative and extraordinary people in America’s history. However, Jobs no doubt had negative aspects of his character as well. Those who know him would remember his demanding, sometimes aggressive approach. Regardless, what he will be remembered for in our society today is the way he aptly used his creativity and vision to forever transform the state of business and the use of technology in our daily lives. 

As one of America’s most well known people, Jobs will remain in the record as someone who undoubtedly transformed how society would live in the future. Others would say he is a creative genius; regardless, Jobs had an undeniable aptitude for capturing the attention of his peers with his charm and a fervent passion for what he believed. Unsurprisingly, many of his words continue to be used, his distinct phrases remaining as renowned as the tangible products he created. 

Throughout this book, we’ll delve into the greater significance of these words. By analyzing the meaning of each phrase, we’ll learn about a true story of Jobs, living his words and applying them to his daily life and the way he approached each business situation. We’ll gain a greater understanding of who Steve Jobs was by looking into the things he said, the movements he instigated and the work he spurred on through his inspiring legacy. 

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  1. Eric Fin@Robart says:

    Very inspiring read and well written too. Know more about Steve Jobs & his real story behind the success. Good reference book.

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