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USB Cable Power Adapter for Apple iPod, iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4,Touch, Shuffle, Nano, Classic (White)

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  • 3 or more items for this price

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  1. Jeffem "Jeffem" says:

    Very consistently worthless I needed several of these, and they were cheap enough that I bought 5. I thoroughly tested all of them, and all 5 had the same issues:1) For 3 devices (8GB iPod Touch 2nd generation, iPhone 3Gs, and an iPhone 4), it would not charge at all. A warning was issued on the screen: “Charging is not supported with this accessory.” Once the message was dismissed, no charging occurred.2) For 2 other iPhone 4s, no such warning appeared, but the phone behaved VERY erratically. The touchscreen was not behaving correctly, and apps were malfunctioning and performing actions unlike what I was trying to make them do (repeating text, as though I was holding down a key on a real keyboard; backspacing every time I hit “Send” on a text; walking in one direction only while non-stop firing in one of my games). This suggested to me the voltage might actually be WRONG, which is, of course, not good.I threw them away. This product was 0-for-5 for me. Well, 5 adapters on 5 different products is 0-for-25, maybe? Nonetheless, I can not advise against it strongly enough.

  2. Dallas Shell says:

    Works But Is not full output I bought 4 of these units. They work and charge my iPhone 4S OK, but these chargers put out approximately 1/2 Amp and not 1 Amp as the OEM charger should. I measured each of my chargers using a digital ampmeter inserted directly into the circuit using a modified USB connector. I measured 0.850 Amps on my Apple OEM charger that came with my phone. These 4 new chargers put out 0.480, 0.460, 0.500, and 0.490 Amps (I am an Electrical Engineer) They look and feel exactly like the Apple brand, but just take twice as long to deliver the same charge. If you don’t mind the time difference, they are a bargin compared to the OEM unit. I just wanted spare chargers to keep in my travel gear.

  3. Ryan Scott says:

    Only works with certain cables Title says it all. It only works and charges with some cables and not others. It’s very aggravating. It doesn’t even work with my actual iPhone cable that came with my phone!

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