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USB Travel Kit with Car Charger, Travel Adapter & Cable for Apple iPod

Compatible List:
iphone 3G 3GS, ipod touch 1st, 2nd

Product Features

  • Apple iPod USB Travel Kit with
  • Travel Adapter &
  • Car Charger,
  • Cable

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  1. Rico Reyes says:

    Good product at great price The USB cable looks and feels very similar to the apple one, but the chargers have a somewhat cheesy feel. Then again, that’s totally to be expected when you buy a whole set for less than half the price of a cable or either charger alone from Apple or one of the name brand companies.I also should note that the AC adapter is 100-240v compatible, so it can work worldwide. I was wondering about that when I bought it because none of the tech info mentioned it. In fact, the casing itself was designed to be used with the EU style plugs, and that’s why it protrudes from the body of the case.Also, the items I received look like the submitted picture, and not the MFG’s picture, for what it’s worth… Doesn’t matter much because in any case the items aren’t very aesthetically pleasing anyways.Bottom line, from reading the other reviews it looks like they have QC issues, but I wound up with a perfectly functional set at a great price.

  2. Sudhanshu Garg says:

    Its a SCAM ! Guys,Do NOT EVER buy this product. I lost my Ipod Nano(8gb) because of this cheap nonsense. As soon as I plugged in the charger into the wall outlet, and connected it to the nano, the charger blew a fuse, and had smoke coming out of it. My nano didn’t start after that. No matter what I tried. I took it to apple store, and they couldn’t start it either. My warranty was void.Go for real apple products, not for these cheap chargers. I’m not sure if this company BargainCell is selling authentic products, or just cheap makeovers without ever having tested them out.Again, do not buy it, unless you want to risk losing your ipod.

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