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iPad Air 2 Case – roocase [Glacier TOUGH] iPad Air 2 2014 Hybrid Scratch Resistant Clear PC / TPU Armor Full Body Protection Case Cover with Built-in Screen Protector for Apple iPad Air 2 (2014) 6th Generation, Champagne Gold

Encase your Apple iPad Air 2 (2014) in the Glacier Tough

The roocase Glacier Tough for iPad Air 2 (2014) is a superb dual layer case, providing advanced features, amazing protection and a clear acrylic PC covers the backing providing maximum clarity, scratch resistance and shows off the elegant design of the iPad Air 2 (2014).

Give your Apple iPad Air 2 (2014) the stability, security and support it needs

Durable TPU and strong PC material offers dual layer protection for the iPad Air 2 (2014), thus  protecting your device from accidental drops, impact and bumps keeping your device safe and in immaculate condition.

5H Hardness screen protector

Included is a 5H hardness screen protector which shields the screen while offering scratch resistance and protection from smudges; all with 99% clarity and touch screen accuracy.

Shield covers for volume and power buttons

Shield covers or “dust protectors” on the volume and power buttons to prevent dust, lint or other foreign objects from affecting accessibility of any button press and release functions.

Product Features

  • Perfect fit design specifically for Apple iPad Air 2 (2014 6th Generation)
  • Clear beautiful design of the iPad Air 2 is prominently displayed and protected by the clear back cover
  • Extremely versatile hybrid dual layer case with superior front and back protection
  • 5H screen protector and shield covers for volume and power buttons
  • Drop protection and impact-resistant safeguarding your device beyond normal wear and tear

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Mini Shop HDMI Multimedia Portable Mini HD LED Projector Cinema Theater with Music Photos Videos Compatible with for Iphone 4/4s, Ipad,Samsung Galaxy I9300,N7000, I9100, Support VGA/USB/SD/AV/HDMI/EF Interface(White)

Primary Function: Multimedia Mini Projector
It has VGA and HDMI interface which can be connected with the computer directly
Image Unite: (Liquid Crystal Display)
Lamp: LED (20000 hours working time)
Resolution: 480*320
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Projection Screen Size: 20 inch- 120 inches
Projection Distance: 0.5m-3.5m
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
Focus: Manual
Projection Source: External from AV in / USB jack / Memory SD card
Memory: Support SD card expansion
USB interface,3 in1 AV in SD card interface
3.5mm earphone
Video encoding format: MPEG1 / MPEG2 / MPEG4 / DivX / Xvid
Video format: AVI / MOV / VOB / DAT / MPEG / MPG / RM / RMVB
Audio fromat: MP3/WMA/WAV
Image format: JPEG/BMP/GIF/PNG
Ebook format: TXT
OS Language: English, Polski, Russian, Deutsch, Spanish, Czech, Chinese, etc.
Remote Control: YES
Power Consumption: 20W
Power Supply: 12V
Operation Temperature: 0-35 degrees
Dimension: 180 x 150 x 70 mm
Net Weight: 550g
Shipping Weight: 950g
Package Includes:
1 x Multimedia Projector
1 x AV Cable
1 x Remote control
1 x English User Manual
1 x Power Adapter

Product Features

  • Small and light, easy to be carried and installed.
  • PMP performance support MP4 (1080P) MP3 3D Anaglyph 3D
  • Input port :AV, HDMI.VGA, SD, USB, headphone, DC 12V2A
  • Easy changing in 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio; Low power consumption, echo-oriented
  • Manual focus adjusting, get picture from 10 to 100 inches

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Apple iPad 2 MC769LL/A Tablet (16GB, WiFi, Black) 2nd Generation

Apple iPad MC769LL/A Tablet (16GB, Wifi, Black) refurbished. Connection: Ports: 1x Docking, Audio: 1x 1/8-Inch (3.5 mm) Headphone, 1x Integrated Speaker and 1x Integrated Microphone. What’s in the box: Apple 16GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi (Black) refurbished, Dock Connector to USB Cable, 10W Power Adapter.

Product Features

  • Apple iOS 7, Apple Dual-core A5 1 Ghz chip.
  • 9.7-inch widescreen display. 1.33 pounds and 0.34 inch.
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1 EDR.
  • Camera: Front: 0.7 MP, Back: 0.7 MP. HD video recording.

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8GB 1.8”LCD Screen MP4/MP3 Player Media/Music/Audio Player with FM Radio

Product Description:The ability to play MP3 and MP4 (after conversion) all rolled into one sexy package defines the standard for personal music players. Without a shadow of doubt, this ultra thin MP4 player is happy at home in your shirt pocket or a handbag.This device is simple plug and play. Use windows explorer to drag and drop your MP3 files – acts like a flash drive.Technical Details.
1.Please note that this is NOT an Apple Ipod. 1.8 inch TFT LCD, full color display Support AMV video.2.Sporting a massive 8GB memory, you will be able to store approximately 3000+ MP3 songs, more than enough for that evening of easy listening you had planned. Itunes are not required, as this wonderful device prefers good old fashioned, freely available MP3 format.3.Supported Video Formats: AMV4.Supported Audio Formats: MP3, MP4, WMA,ASF & others.5.Built in rechargeable battery with upto 4-6 hours play time6.TXT e-book reading JPEG GIF picture support, reading, browsing FM stereo radio, Auto & manual scan modes.7.USB2.0 Full Speed with mini USB 2.0 Cable.8.Recording the programs from FM radio or microphone U-disc function without any driver 7 kind of EQ: nature, rock, pop, classic, soft, jazz and heavybass. Package Connents:1 x MP4 Player
1x Earphonwa
1x USB Cable

Product Features

  • USB charger only or No ac charger included
  • simple plug and play,acts like a flash drive

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32gb Blue Slim 1.8″ 4th LCD Mp3 Mp4 Player Fm Radio Video Player with Accessories

Product Description
1.8” TFT LCD screen with 65K true color display.
Support multiple audio music formats:.MP3.WMA.WAV.etc
Support AMV video format, files like WMV, AVI are convertible To AMV. format
Built-in FM Radio : 87MHz to 108MHz, auto preset 20 channels&manual preset 20 channels
Built-in microphone, support voice recording and FM radio internal recording
Support ID3 lyrics and TXT* E-book viewer function.
Support JPG and GIF picture viewer function.
Dividable memory for private space function
Usb2.0 guarantees high speed transfer
Various Play Modes:Normal, Repeat Once, Repeat All, Repeat Folder, Random, Intro
7 preset eq for your music: Natural, Rock, Pop, Classic, Soft, Jazz, Dbb
Support Multi Languages: Simplified Chinese,English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, etc.
Built-in rechargeable li-ion battery by charger or USB port
Audio Connector: 3.5 mm headphone jack
Operating System: Windows ME, 2000, XP, VISTA , Win7

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iPod Touch 5th Gen Cover Case Transparent Clear Glow Shock Resistant Hybrid

ipod touch 5th gen Cover / Case Transparent Clear Cover with a Glow in the Dark Silicone Skin Compatible With iPod 5 Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation Includes a silicone rubber skin with a snap on hard cover This Cover appears to glow more in the photo’s than what they do in person! When the covers are charged by light and then placed in a completely dark room they will appear to glow a lot more. Keep Your Apple iPod Safe and Protected against dust and scratches with this easy to snap on cover. This cover molds perfectly to your iPod’s shape and does not compromise usability! Provides easy access to all functions without removing the case. Accessory only… sorry iPod is not included. Works with iPod 5 only This iPod cover snaps together tightly. To remove there is a notch on the side of the cover where you can use a credit card to carefully pry it apart.

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Steve Jobs: Top 50 Facts Countdown

Discover rare and interesting facts about Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson!


This is a read no fan should miss out on!

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Steve Jobs Top Life Lessons: Unlimited Success, Leadership, and Powerful Creativity – Steve Jobs Biography (Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs Biography, Steve Jobs Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs Success)

Steve Jobs Top Life Lessons for Unlimited Success, Leadership, and Powerful Creativity

Get this Amazon E-book today and learn how Steve Jobs achieved incredible success. Read on your PC, Mac, Smart phone, Tablet or Kindle device.

Steve Jobs was a pioneer of innovation, technology, and life. To truly understand Steve Jobs and learn from his lessons, we must begin with the years that shaped him into the person we came to know.

As a child, the future genius had trouble paying attention in school. What would cause him to evolve into a great student and completely change the shape of his future? What effect would being bullied by his classmates have on the future of America’s technological hero? We will discuss Steve’s childhood and young adulthood, covering the opportunities and preparation that led him to become co-founder of Apple.

The early years of Apple were certainly turbulent times for Steve and his team members. We will discuss what put the Apple Corporation ahead of its competitors and how the company used Steve’s personal beliefs and opinions to create usable machines of the caliber that had never been dreamed before.

Of course, no great leaders end up as such without setbacks. The period of time in which Steve was not actively involved in the Apple Corporation were some of the most trying and illuminating of his life. He revisited spirituality and reconnected with family and friends who he had mistreated in the past.

Not just anyone can lead a company like Apple. After Steve was removed from the company, several CEOs tried, and failed, to make Apple into the success that it was meant to be. We will discuss Steve’s re-entry into the company as Apple’s leader and the decisions he made that positioned the company to achieve the success it has seen today.

Throughout the book, we will discuss Steve’s personal ideals and practices with regard to business and leadership. After reading this book, you will be able to apply Steve’s paradigm to shape your own roadmap to success.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Steve’s Journey to Growth
  • Childhood
  • Adolescence
  • College Years
  • Atari
  • Lessons Learned from Young Steve
  • Creating Apple
  • The Beginning of the Apple Corporation
  • Without Apple
  • Thinking Different
  • Much, much more!

Take Action and Download Your Copy Today!

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101 Lessons The World Can Learn From Steve Jobs: 100+ Pages Of Everything You Can Learn And Apply From Steve Jobs

101 Lessons The World Can Learn From Steve Jobs

Get this Amazon bestseller Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You’re about to discover how to…

I have had the good fortune to study, meet and learn from some amazing

individuals in my 20-year search for the answer to an overriding question:

Why is it that people can grow up in the same country, have the same

opportunities, even be from the same family, go to similar schools and live in

the same economy- yet some excel and outperform financially, while others,

often equally capable and intelligent, fail miserably in life?

The search for the answer to this question has led me to seek out

outstanding role models and find extraordinary mentors that have helped

shape my life and enabled me to outperform in many areas of my life

including business and investing.

Modelling a billionaire won’t exactly guarantee that you will become one

yourself, but it could just be enough to make you a millionaire many times

over if that is what you desire.

Who Was Steve Jobs?

The Apple IPO

Naming the Apple

1985: Steve Jobs leaves Apple

Jobs returns to Apple 10

An annual salary of US$1 11

Steve Jobs skill set

The neatest experience of my life

A focused attitude

Folklore, Steve Jobs Ad The Cult Of Apple

The ‘Father of the Macintosh‘

Man of the Year or King of France?

Apple values

Apple and the ‘1984’ commercial

Steve Jobs’ Presentation at Apple’s 1984 shareholders meeting

The cult of Apple

Keep it simple and user friendly

Steve Jobs and computer design

Eclectic tastes, colourful backgrounds and power supply

Park different

American business practices, they are very strange

How to hire

Apple marketing and evangelism

Bo Jobs

Computer designers as artists

The Steve Jobs dress code

Some Apple trivia

Meeting Bill Gates

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg

Steve Jobs talks about his rivals

The Apple campus

Dinner with the President

The Macintosh spirit

Steve Jobs Turns Apple Around

Apple’s revenues, profits, and share price

Licensing the Mac OS

Microsoft deal

The iMac

Mac OS X

iMac, iBook, and Power Mac G4


iTunes, iOS

Power Mac G5

iPod Video, iPod Classic, the iPod touch and iPhone

iOS evolution: iPhone and iPad


Retail stores

Market share and user demographics

Christmas Apple

The Apple Museum

New market segments for iPads

Steve Jobs and the Apple vision and culture

Steve Jobs as ‘the good guy‘

101 Lessons The World Can Learn From Steve Jobs


Innovation and design

Branding and marketing


Build a committed team

Seek your passion

Steve Jobs – Eulogies

The crazy ones

Think different

The final word

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Steve Jobs: Great Inventors for Children

Steve Jobs was a really smart kid. He loved to spend hours with his dad taking things apart. Televisions… radios… appliances… whatever plugged into a wall and ran on electricity.

But unlike most kids that do that, Steve also put everything back together just as good as new. Steve dreamed that someday he would invent something that would change the world as much — or even more so — than those old TVs and radios that he loved to tinker with.

This easy-to-read children’s book reveals how Steve Jobs changed the world by inventing revolutionary computers, tablets, and smart phones.

His story teaches us that nothing is impossible in life if we are willing to work hard and use our minds.

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